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National Defense & Security Forums

Dod Forum

Military Services' Priorities and Streamlined Procurement Processes

May 9, 2012 | L'Enfant Plaza Hotel | Washington, DC

The 2nd U.S. Military and Renewable Energy Industry Forum will convene the Department of Defense (DoD) and business leaders from the renewable energy industry to define the practical realities of the DoD procurement process. This is the second forum in an ongoing conversational arc between the industry and the DoD that seeks to identify the roadblocks and create solutions for the advancement of renewable energy in support of national defense and energy security. View the agenda.

Taking from lessons learned in the introductory forum on January 26th, this second forum will focus on the following specific objectives:

  • Outlining the specific technology and project priorities of each of the military services and the opportunities for base and operational renewable energy applications, as well as biofuels
  • Identifying the procurement processes that will reduce the cost of base and operational energy projects and encourage increased renewable energy deployment (including standardization, contracting, siting and permitting)
  • Leveraging private sector finance to allow DoD to reach beyond its budget boundaries by identifying both proven and innovative finance models

About ACORE's U.S. Military and Renewable Energy Industry Forums:

This unique, multi-part series brings together DoD officials and the renewable energy industry to focus on the opportunities, challenges and solutions related to the expanded use of renewable energy in support of national defense. The collaboration aims to ensure that our nation's military has access to state-of-the-art products and services in order to achieve mission objectives, while lowering energy costs through efficient procurement processes and the use of private finance.

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