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International Programs

About ACORE's International Programs

To speed the advancement of renewable energy in all its forms, ACORE complements its domestically focused programming with many international initiatives, both in partnership with specific countries and with the global renewable energy sector as a whole. Our international programming is based on the philosophy that one of the best ways to advance clean, renewable energy, both in the U.S. and worldwide, is by exchanging knowledge and identifying opportunities in this field among businesses, governments, and other organizations throughout the globe.

ACORE’s International Programs add value to the renewable energy community in a number of ways. They create and identify opportunities for members to get involved with renewable energy investment, technology, and policy with a wide array of global partners. They create exciting opportunities for networking and information exchange. They also publicize the crucial advances being made in in the U.S. in renewable energy policy, investment, and technology to communities all around the world.

The History of ACORE’s International Leadership
Over the years, ACORE has demonstrated its leadership in promoting renewable energy globally. As an active participant on several internationally focused steering committees, the organization has worked to organize numerous renewable energy conferences worldwide, including: 

ACORE is also involved in energy projects abroad, such as USAID's RELWA Effort and USAID's PACE-D Effort in India. ACORE also has assisted in forming multi-lateral renewable energy organizations both globally (IRENA) and regionally (LAC-CORE).

For more information on ACORE’s International Programs, please contact:

Risa Edelman
Senior Associate, International Programs
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(202) 777-7586