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Created on Thursday, 17 October 2013 / Industry News
Tags: California, renewable energy, clean energy, cleantech economy
October 17 -- A California law that requires utilities to get 33 percent of their electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind is widely credited with accelerating the state's cleantech economy. ... [ +++ ]
Created on Tuesday, 09 April 2013 / Industry News
Tags: cleantech, military, clean energy, renewable energy, DOD, Net Zero Energy, Navy, Army, marines
April 9 -- The U.S. military has begun a transition to efficient and renewable energy. The Army is proceeding with its “Net Zero Energy” initiative, aiming to produce as much energy and water as they ... [ +++ ]
Created on Monday, 19 November 2012 / Industry News
Tags: military, veterans, jobs, renewable energy, cleantech, clean energy
November 19 -- When military veterans search for jobs, they often want more than a paycheck. Many say they look for rewarding work and a team of dedicated people focused on a common mission. >>View ... [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 15 November 2012 / Industry News
Tags: General Motors, GM, electric vehicles, San Francisco, cleantech, clean energy, EV
November 15 --  General Motors said today that it is committed to deliver at least 500,000 vehicles “with some form of electrification,” such as a hybrid drive system, by 2017.  The announcement ... [ +++ ]
Created on Tuesday, 08 November 2011 / Industry News
Tags: cleantech advocacy
Nov. 7, 2011 -- The Washington- and Palo Alto- based organization hopes to knit together state and regional associations, and serve as a new national voice for the cleantech industry. >>More [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 02 November 2011 / Industry News
Tags: clean tech finance, U.S. investment in cleantech
Nov. 2, 2011 -- The worldâEUR(TM)s growing population, developing economies, climate change and increased interest in energy security are making cleantech companies attractive to investors. >>More ... [ +++ ]
Created on Monday, 17 October 2011 / Industry News
Tags: cleantech jobs
Oct. 16, 2011 -- âEURoeAll indications are that growth is expected to continue which will mean the need for trained, experienced personnel.âEUR >>More [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 29 September 2011 / Industry News
Tags: CleanTech
Sept. 28, 2011 -- An increasing number of people at the very pinnacle of capitalism see such [cleantech] investments as not only critical to building a sustainable energy regime, but also fundamental to ... [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 15 September 2011 / Industry News
Tags: cleantech jobs
Sept. 15, 2011 -- Collectively, the projects plan to employ more than 60,000 Americans, create tens of thousands more indirect jobs, provide clean electricity to power three million homes, and save more ... [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 15 September 2011 / Industry News
Tags: cleantech jobs
Sept. 14, 2011 -- A $38.6 billion loan guarantee program that the Obama administration promised would create or save 65,000 jobs has created just a few thousand jobs two years after it began, government ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 03 August 2011 / Industry News
Tags: Los Angeles cleantech incubator
Aug. 2, 2011 --Years in the making, Los Angeles has launched its new cleantech business incubator to accelerate development of startups focused on sustainable solutions that can create both efficient clean ... [ +++ ]
Created on Tuesday, 29 March 2011 / News
Tags: CleanTech
Mar. 28, 2011 -- With a large array of renewable resources, a dedication by businesses and homeowners to become more energy efficient, and a large hub for research and development, a lot can be accomplished ... [ +++ ]