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Created on Friday, 18 November 2011 / Industry News
Tags: Feed-in-tarrif
Nov. 17, 2011 --"A safe investment environment is exactly what makes German feed-in tariffs so successful, as the IPCC itself recently reiterated. Germany simply gets more renewable energy for the buck ... [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 01 September 2011 / Industry News
Tags: Feed-in-tarrif
Aug. 31, 2011 -- As the CSP industry expands across the globe, so too are the incentive mechanisms on offer by countries grabbing a slice of the action. >>More [ +++ ]
Created on Friday, 01 April 2011 / News
Tags: Feed-in-tarrif, renewable energy financing, pricing carbon, stimulus
Apr.1, 2011 -- One year on from the introduction of the U.K. feed-in tariffs aimed at stimulating small-scale renewable energy technologies, there is still heavy demand being witnessed in the solar industry, ... [ +++ ]