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Created on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 / Industry News
Tags: Renewable Energy Investment, Market Development, North Carolina, Sustainable Energy Association
February 19 -- Investment in renewable energy and efficiency grew 13-fold in North Carolina between 2007 and 2012, totaling $1.4 billion in that period, says an analysis commissioned by the N.C. Sustainable ... [ +++ ]
Created on Friday, 08 February 2013 / Industry News
Tags: military, renewable energy, DOD, clean energy, investment
February 8 -- Despite the threat of billions of dollars in spending cuts, Pentagon leaders say they are committed to continuing renewable energy projects at US military bases. >>View Article [ +++ ]
Created on Friday, 01 February 2013 / Industry News
Tags: solar power, solar panels, investment, 1366 Technologies
February 1 -- Solar startup 1366 Technologies opens a demonstration plant, its last step before full-scale commercialization. >>View Article [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 31 January 2013 / Industry News
Tags: Indiana, electricity, renewable energy, consumer investment, clean energy, power utilities
January 31 -- The Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) has announced the launch of a new pilot program that allows customers to designate a portion or total of their monthly electric use to ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 30 January 2013 / Industry News
Tags: investment, clean energy stocks, renewable energy, ETF
January 30 -- This list of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) all focus on alternative energy companies. Despite the sector's investment challenges in the past few years, the current spotlight on climate change ... [ +++ ]
Created on Friday, 18 January 2013 / Industry News
Tags: clean energy, renewable energy, renewable energy investment, wind energy, solar energy
January 18 -- The United States government has been urged to provide greater policy stability for the renewables market, after a new report found global clean energy investment could total $1.9tr (£1.2tr) ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 / Industry News
Tags: New York, Governor Cuomo, Green Bank, clean energy investment, green investment, renewable energy
January 16 -- The New York Governor is proposing a $1 billion “N.Y. Green Bank,” a funding vehicle to support eco-friendly energy research and projects that might struggle to attract capital on the private ... [ +++ ]
Created on Friday, 14 December 2012 / Industry News
Tags: Richard Kauffman, DOE, Stephen Chu, MLPs, REITs, renewable energy, renewable energy finance, renewable energy investment
December 14 -- According to Richard Kauffman, Senior Advisor to Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu, making real estate investment trusts (REITs) or master limited partnerships (MLPs) available for renewable ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 12 December 2012 / Industry News
Tags: solar, clean energy, solar installations, renewable energy, ITC, investment tax credit
December 12 -- The number of solar installations grew strongly in the nation’s residential, commercial and utility sectors in the third quarter, largely as a result of falling costs, a federal investment ... [ +++ ]
Created on Monday, 10 December 2012 / Industry News
Tags: fossil fuels, clean energy, renewable energy, government investment, DoD, solar, wind
December 10 -- Over the past 30 years, society has struggled with an energy dilemma: fossil fuels have been cheap and plentiful, but they pollute the air and water — and much of the world’s oil must ... [ +++ ]
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