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Created on Wednesday, 25 September 2013 / Industry News
Tags: Oil Dependence, Economic Growth, Electric Vehicles, Clean Energy, Renewable Energy
September 25 -- A study by a group that advocates curbing U.S. reliance on oil said changing the kinds of cars and trucks on the road in the U.S. could improve economic growth over the long term and reduce ... [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 15 August 2013 / Industry News
Tags: renewable energy, prospects, growth, strength
August 15 -- What's the state of play for renewable energy, such as wind, solar, and hydropower? >>View Article [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 07 August 2013 / Industry News
Tags: wind power, innovation, growth
August 7 -- In a first, wind energy became the No. 1 source of new U.S. electricity generation capacity in 2012, according to a report released by the Energy Department on Tuesday. >>View ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 / Industry News
Tags: solar, Iowa, PV, financing, growth, costs
July 31 -- Solar power is gaining ground around the world at "record pace," and a growing number of Iowans are also looking to convert their homes and businesses to the alternative energy, according ... [ +++ ]
Created on Monday, 29 July 2013 / Industry News
Tags: solar power, Boston, costs, capacity, growth, tax credits
July 29 -- Looking for a fun diversion on a sunny summer afternoon? If you live in Boston, check out the city’s online solar map, which shows the solar power projects, large and small, that have been ... [ +++ ]
Created on Monday, 22 July 2013 / Industry News
Tags: electric vehicles, growth, consumers, deployment
July 22 -- U.S. sales of plug-in electric vehicles doubled in the first half of the year, the U.S. Energy Department said. >>View Article [ +++ ]
Created on Monday, 22 July 2013 / Industry News
Tags: biofuels, investment, ethanol, blends, growth
July 22 -- Biofuel producers will invest as much as $69 billion to expand output during the next decade, driven in part by U.S. policies that increase blending of plant-based fuels into petroleum-based ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 / Industry News
Tags: solar power, PV, growth
July 10 -- Solar photovoltaic installations in the US have passed the 10 gigawatt plateau, making it the fourth country to reach that level of solar power. >>View Article [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 03 July 2013 / Industry News
Tags: wind power, deployment, growth, AWEA
July 3 -- Rolf Westgard’s July 1 letter doesn’t give American wind power the credit it deserves in terms of its impressive growth and record of cutting emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. ... [ +++ ]
Created on Monday, 17 June 2013 / Industry News
Tags: wind energy, Wyoming, renewable energy, growth, public opinion
June 17 -- Wind is — how shall we say it — different from other types of energy production. Wind is quieter. A little. Compare wind to a coal mine. While a large wind turbine does vibrate, it’s nothing ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 12 June 2013 / Industry News
Tags: solar energy, residential installation, growth, investment tax credit, incentives
June 12 -- The U.S. solar industry continued its healthy growth in the first quarter, according to a new industry report out Tuesday.  The U.S. added 723 megawatts of solar power from January ... [ +++ ]
Created on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 / Industry News
Tags: electric vehicle, green cars, sales, growth
May 21 -- Last week, Nissan announced that its electric vehicle, the Leaf, surpassed 25,000 in sales in the U.S. The industry-leading Chevy Volt reached that milestone last year. Over the weekend, John ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 20 March 2013 / Industry News
Tags: clean energy jobs, green jobs, job growth, clean energy, renewable energy, BLS
March 20 -- Clean-energy jobs make up a small part of U.S. employment, but a new federal report shows they are growing much faster than other work, even healthcare.In all, so-called green jobs accounted ... [ +++ ]
Created on Friday, 01 March 2013 / Industry News
Tags: biofuel, Gevo Inc., alternative fuels, business, stock growth, investment, renewable energy
March 1 -- Shares of biofuel companies have had an excellent run so far this year. Among the biggest gainers have been Gevo Inc.and BioFuel Energy Corp. >>View Article [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 / Industry News
Tags: biofuel, economic growth, RE jobs, E2, NRDC, clean fuel, renewable fuel
February 20 -- Encouraging the growth of the advanced biofuel industry can provide an economic boost for the country, according to research by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), an NRDC affiliate.  ... [ +++ ]
Created on Wednesday, 28 November 2012 / Industry News
Tags: solar, Arizona, solar energy jobs, clean energy, renewable energy, economy, job growth
November 28 -- Solar energy jobs in the U.S. grew by 13 percent over the past year, a rate almost six times faster than the national average employment growth rate.  And Arizona officials said ... [ +++ ]
Created on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 / Industry News
Tags: clean energy, jobs, Texas, green jobs, wind energy, renewable energy, job growth, economy
November 13 -- Clean energy jobs are on the rise in Texas.  As more projects are created across the Panhandle, and with the recent reelection, some professionals in our area say the future is ... [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 04 October 2012 / Industry News
Tags: wind power, atlantic wind, South Carolina, renewable energy, clean energy, offshore wind, wind energy, renewable energy growth
October 3 -- With apologies to Bob Dylan, a big part of our state’s energy and economic future is literally blowing in the wind. The question is, will we harness this wind to blow us toward a better future, ... [ +++ ]
Created on Thursday, 04 October 2012 / Slideshow
Tags: green jobs, renewable energy, clean energy, renewable energy growth, employment, renewable energy industry, wind energy, solar energy
October 3 -- This month has been a fortuitous one for green jobs, despite the ups and downs particularly in the wind energy sector, and there are a handful of companies who seem to be on a hiring spree, ... [ +++ ]
Created on Tuesday, 02 October 2012 / Industry News
Tags: renewable energy, clean energy, REFF-West, renewable energy finance, renewable energy growth, renewable energy industry, ACORE, California
September 29 -- Speakers at the 5th annual Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF-West) focused on the major challenges facing the alternative and clean energy landscape in the U.S. The conference was held ... [ +++ ]
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