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Member of the Month: Mainstream Renewable Power

ACORE is pleased to announce our March Member of the Month, Mainstream Renewable Power, a global developer of wind and solar plants. The following is a company profile provided by Mainstream Renewable Power.

Our Core Business Our core business is to develop and build wind and solar plantsâEUR"and then pass ownership, usually at the ready to build stage, to organizations such as utilities, energy-intensive corporations and pension funds.

Our expertise is taking projects through all the stages of development âEUR"securing land, wind analysis, GIS, environmental studies, consenting, procurement, financing and so on. ItâEUR(TM)s a complex and often risky business but we have a deep understanding of these risks and weâEUR(TM)ve a track record in handling them, managing them and delivering the end result. Over the past two decades, our people have helped deliver over 2,500MW of power generation plants across four continents, for many different companies.

WeâEUR(TM)re now firmly established in 8 countries. WeâEUR(TM)re EuropeâEUR(TM)s leading offshore developer, with a portfolio of 5.5GW across Scotland, England and Germany. WeâEUR(TM)re also developing over 6.5GW of onshore projects across the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Chile. Our U.S. Projects The United States is a key market for Mainstream, and we have started by focusing our project development efforts in Illinois. In June of 2009, we acquired a 787MW wind project development pipeline from FPC Services, Inc, including the 120MW Shady Oaks project, the 437MW Green River project, and the 200MW Boone County project.

We are committed to the development of these projects, while at the same time pursuing greenfield and mid-stage opportunities from the East coast to the West coast of the United States as well as in several provinces in Canada.

We have established our U.S. Headquarters in Chicago, where a team of experienced staff is focused on identifying large-scale wind and solar energy projects in collaboration with governments, development partners and investors.

Our People Our people are our defining strength and bring with them industry experience in development, consent, construction and operations that help to deliver high-quality renewable projects to the North American marketplace.

MainstreamâEUR(TM)s experience and strong track record of funding and developing large-scale wind projects around the world makes us an ideal partner for utilities seeking to build out new wind capacity. Increasing the amount of indigenous renewable energy to a utilityâEUR(TM)s generation mix provides a hedge against fuel price volatility, and has proven to drive down costs of the overall system.

Our big success onshore in 2010 was the sale of our 106.5MW Shady Oaks project in Illinois. The sale was a big milestone for Mainstream because it was the first U.S. demonstration of the value of our business model; developing wind and solar projects for their long-term owners. After winning the 20-year off-take contract in a fiercely competitive process, we sold the Shady Oaks project to Goldwind who are planning to build it in the coming months.

Why ACORE? Mainstream chose to become a member of ACORE because it provides us with a strong platform from whence to influence regulatory and public policy. As a voice of the industry, ACORE gives Mainstream the opportunity to have an influence on shaping policies to benefit the renewable energy industry.

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