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SkyFuel’s Parabolic Trough Featured in Enel’s Hybrid Geothermal Plant

April 22 -- SkyFuel, Inc. is the technology provider for the parabolic trough solar field being integrated into the heating loop of Enel Green Power (EGP) North America's Stillwater geothermal power plant. The solar field is designed to return the temperature of the brine from the geothermal wells to its original design point and thus recapture the full capacity and economic value of the existing turbine generator. All equipment for the solar troughs has been delivered and the system is expected to be operational by the end of 2014. This will be the world's first commercial plant integrating solar thermal power with geothermal. >>View Article

Sun Shines on Renewable Energy Firm

April 21 -- After winning a competition to build Minnesota’s largest solar power project, Geronimo Energy — a company that didn’t exist 10 years ago — has emerged as a major force in the state’s renewable energy sector.

Geronimo has pushed innovative ideas such as farmer-friendly wind farms and massive solar parks wired directly to power-company substations. >>View Article

Gas Makes Wind Affordable Even Without Tax Credit: Alliant CEO

April 21 -- Cheap natural gas is making wind energy affordable, even without a federal tax credit, the chief executive officer of Alliant Energy said in Chicago Wednesday.

Installation of wind farms fell by 93 percent after Congress did not renew wind’s production tax credit last year. The tax credit is back before Congress for renewal, but Alliant CEO Patricia Kampling told about 80 people Wednesday at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business that wind looks attractive even without a subsidy. >>View Article

Methane Gas From Waste is Used to Generate Electricity

April 21 -- Pete Nichols keeps a close eye on a vast engine of sorts — one that runs on the trash discarded from homes throughout the Lansing area.

One of five operators at the Granger landfill in DeWitt Township, Nichols oversees a vast network of underground pipes that serve as a fuel line for this engine — a line that captures methane gas from waste and sends it to an adjacent generating station. >>View Article

Viewpoint: It Would Be Too Expensive Not to Convert to Solar Power

April 21 -- I was very disheartened to read the “It’s too expensive to convert solar energy” Viewpoint in the April 13 edition of PNJ. The first cost argument was superficial and short-sighted.

Let’s look at the author’s examples. He cited the fact that the Martin County solar power plan is projected to save only $178 million over 30 years. Only? Since when did $178 million become chump change? More importantly the financial savings are only part of the story. >>View Article

Editorial: Timing is Wrong to Take Away Subsidy For Wind Power

April 18 -- The national transition away from fossil fuels and toward an increasing reliance on power from the wind and sun has been becalmed by the expiration of the Production Tax Credit, a 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour subsidy granted wind power generators.

Some argue that the subsidy, first offered in the 1990s to stimulate the development of alternatives to coal and oil energy, has outlived its usefulness. It’s time, they say, for power from wind turbines to compete in the marketplace on an equal basis with other sources, including natural gas. We say, not yet. >>View Article

Obama Touts Solar Power

April 18 -- President Barack Obama challenged companies Thursday to expand their use of solar power as part of his ongoing effort to leverage the power of his office to achieve goals that have been stymied by Congress. The new initiative comes as the White House hosted a Solar Summit aimed at highlighting successful efforts on the local level to speed the deployment of solar energy. >>View Article


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