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Nissan Sees Electric-Car Sales Boom

March 17 -- The market for electric cars is shifting into high gear. Or at least that’s what the automaker Nissan says.

The Japanese electric-car maker said Saturday it may be able to sell more gas-free vehicles than it initially projected, as more and more countries embrace fossil-fuel alternatives, the Wall Street Journal reports. >>View Article

Massachusetts Must Welcome Hydropower, Even As It Promotes Wind, Solar

March 17 -- Deep in the forests of Quebec, a network of dams churns out massive amounts of hydropower that could help quench New England’s thirst for electricity and bolster the region’s climate-change agenda at the same time. Owned by the province of Quebec, Hydro-Quebec is the world’s largest hydropower producer, and some of its electricity already trickles onto New England’s grid, hundreds of miles away. Now, as Massachusetts and other states in the region hunt for cleaner energy sources to replace fossil fuels and aging nuclear reactors, Quebec officials want to expand. >>View Article

Clean Energy or Cheap Energy? We Can Have Both

March 17 -- CLEAN or cheap? That, increasingly, is the choice that energy consumers are confronting. And the decision often looks simple. As bills rise remorselessly, tackling carbon pollution gets cast as an unaffordable luxury.

It is not: energy can be both clean and cheap. >>View Article

Commentary: Solar Power in U.S. Has Grown Up

March 17 -- A warning light is flashing for the nation’s electric utilities — and it is getting more persistent. The utilities, big and small, for- and not-for-profit, are facing serious disruptive technology. The old business models are in danger.

The unlikely disruptive technology that is causing the trouble is rooftop solar power. >>View Article

Q&A: How a Missouri Republican Became a 'Green Champion'

March 17 -- A Republican from an exurban district in the red state of Missouri, Rep. T.J. Berry is also a self-described “green champion.”

Berry, who represents an area just outside Kansas City where cul-de-sacs give way to farm fields, is known as the leading advocate for renewable energy in the Missouri House of Representatives. This session, he’s introduced three bills which would advance solar energy. >>View Article

Charting Michigans Renewable Energy Future

March 13 -- Michigan took an important first step toward a clean energy future when the state legislature passed Public Act 295 in 2008. The law, known as the Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act, established a renewable electricity standard (RES) that requires electricity providers in Michigan to supply 10 percent of the state's electricity with renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and bioenergy by 2015. >>View Article

Clean Energy Works For Us: 2013 Year-In-Review and Q4 Report

March 13 -- Clean energy and clean transportation projects continue to create American jobs and drive economic growth. By tracking job announcements from companies; federal, state and local programs and initiatives; the media; and other sources, Environmental Entrepreneurs’ (E2’s) jobs reports show how and where clean energy and transportation works in the United States. >>View Article

A Call to Action: Conservatives and Climate

March 13 -- As Republicans, we know that our party’s foundation — built on fiscal conservatism, strong national security and family values — brings together Americans from diverse backgrounds. So it’s no surprise that we don’t always agree on every issue.

But combating climate change can and should bring fiscal, social and national security conservatives together. Why? Because protecting our environment and building a secure future for America is our greatest obligation — and our greatest opportunity. Whether you are convinced by climate science or not, promoting energy efficiency and clean, homegrown energy is good for the Republican Party and good for the country. >>View Article

Spot Power Turns Negative in California on Solar, Wind Output

March 13 -- Spot wholesale electricity turned negative in California as solar and wind generation topped forecasts, a signal to suppliers to reduce flow.

Wind turbines produced 1,537 megawatts during the hour ended at 1 p.m. local time, more than double the forecast, according to data from the California Independent System Operator Inc., which manages the state grid. Solar output topped projections by 10 percent with 2,492 megawatts during the period. >>View Article

Stone: Wind Energy is Clean, Efficient

March 13 -- From the Pacific Coast to the Texas panhandle to the Atlantic Ocean, wind power is on the rise in the United States, producing an increasing share of our electricity with minimal impact on the environment.

Just a decade ago, wind energy was a trivial part of the nation's electricity picture. Today, wind energy is the fastest growing form of electricity generation and an increasingly important part of the nation's energy mix. Last year, wind generated as much electricity as is used each year in the state of Georgia. >>View Article


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