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Study Shows: Big Oil is Chicken Little Over Ethanol

April 6 -- Chicken Little ran nervously through the barnyard, warning that "the sky is falling, the sky is falling."

For the last decade, Big Oil has been running nervously through the halls of the U.S. Capitol and the EPA, screaming — to anyone who will listen — that the Renewable Fuel Standard is an "unworkable," "infeasible," "unsustainable," rule that will create a "death spiral" in the fuels market. >>View Article

With 'Megadroughts' in the Future, We Need More Renewable Energy Today

April 2 -- Rising carbon emissions may lead to unprecedented "megadroughts" in the United States later this century, according to a recent NASA report. And these droughts could impact our lights as much as our lawns.

That's because powering computers, phones, lamps, and other appliances requires massive amounts of water. In fact, fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, which currently produce more than 80 percent of our electricity, use as much freshwater as the nation's farms. >>View Article

A Clear Need for a Clean Power Plan in North Carolina

April 2 -- Evidence of sea-level rise is everywhere on North Carolina’s coast, from Wilmington to Corolla. It is visible in the soil that won’t drain after a heavy rain and in the maritime forests that are dying as a result of saltwater intrusion. Changes are happening gradually, but longtime coastal residents can observe them, and their concern is growing. They wonder whether their property investments are secure. >>View Article

Investors Spent a Record $2 Trillion on Renewable Energy

April 1 -- Investors have spent more than $2 trillion on clean-energy plants in the past decade and last year added more renewable capacity than ever before.

The $270 billion spent in 2014 on renewable technologies such as wind and solar reversed a two-year dip in investments and brought in a record 103 gigawatts of clean-energy power generation, according to a report released Tuesday by the United Nations Environment Program, the Frankfurt School and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. >>View Article

The Legal and Economic Case for Obama's Clean Power Plan

April 1 -- The Clean Power Plan—the centerpiece of President Obama’s effort to address climate change—was crafted to make compliance as flexible as possible. To reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants, which account for a third of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, the EPA sought to avoid imposing costly technology-based requirements on individual plants. Instead, it set statewide carbon reduction targets that states can meet through any means they choose: improvements in the efficiency of energy production, increased use of natural gas and renewable energy, programs that help consumers save energy, or any other strategy the states prefer. >>View Article

Don't Derail North Carolina's Clean Energy Boom

April 1 -- North Carolina’s elected officials should stay the course and continue to foster the state’s rapidly growing clean energy economy. In 2013, several legislators led efforts to turn away from clean energy policy. Thankfully, those efforts were rejected by Republicans and Democrats, and the state has been rewarded with new jobs and investment. >>View Article

Republican Texas Bows to Berkeley in Backing Energy Finance Plan

April 1 -- Jim Keffer is Republican state lawmaker in Texas with a permit to carry a concealed weapon and doubts about whether human activity is causing global warming.

Cisco DeVries is the former aide to the mayor of Berkeley, California, whose home has solar panels on the roof and a Nissan Leaf in the driveway. He calls fighting climate change the defining issue of this generation. >>View Article


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