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Biogas, a Low-Tech Fuel With a Big Payoff

In villages across China, tens of millions of families use farm and household waste to make clean cooking fuel in backyard fermenters. Germany generates as much electricity as two nuclear power plants with the gas produced by decaying plant matter and animal slurry. Near San Francisco, a landfill extracts enough energy from its stewing garbage to power 300 trucks on their daily runs. >>View Article 

In Michigan, the Time for Renewable Energy is Now

With the renewable energy industry growing at its fastest pace ever, it’s important to remember that Michigan’s manufacturing legacy is not in conflict with the renewable energy industry. Rather, the renewable energy sector is an essential complement to Michigan’s recent economic gains. >>View Article 

How Cheap Wind Energy Threatens to Upend the Kansas Governor's Race and Upset the Koch Brothers

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback once supported wind energy, but that was before petrochemical billionaires and Kansas natives Charles and David Koch became his largest campaign donors. Now, Brownback and the Kochs find themselves enmeshed in a highly competitive governor’s race, one that has become a referendum on the much-heralded notion that scaling back government and slashing taxes for the wealthy will lead to economic growth. >>View Article 


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