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Poet Report Details Company's Economic Impact

August 18 -- Sioux Falls-based Poet generated $13.5 billion in sales for U.S.
businesses last year, according to a new economic impact study that looked at
the company’s contributions to national economic and job growth.

It found the ethanol producer added $5.4 billion in national gross domestic
product last year and supported nearly 40,000 jobs. That contributed $3.1
billion in income to U.S. families. >>View Article

Price of Wind Energy at an All-Time Low

August 13 -- The price of oil isn't the only energy source that's going down. A
new Department of Energy report, prepared by the Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory, has found that wind energy prices have hit an all-time low.

While oil is rarely used any longer to generate electricity, energy prices in
general tend to move together. The Berkeley Lab report found that the prices
offered by wind projects to utility purchasers averaged under 2.5¢ per kilowatt
hour (kWh) for projects negotiating contracts in 2014, which increased demand
for wind energy. >>View Article

Military’s Shift Toward Renewable Energy

August 13 -- To achieve military operational success, the Department of Defense
(DoD) relies on one mission-essential resource: energy. The DoD is the largest
government consumer of energy in the United States, with petroleum-based liquid
fuels composing approximately two-thirds of the DoD’s consumption.

The DoD has requisitioned the deployment of 3 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy
to power military facilities by 2025. This meets a larger DoD mandate, Title 10
USC § 2911, which directs at least 25 percent of any DoD facility energy
consumption come from renewable energy sources. Implementing alternatives has
evolved from increasing energy distribution costs, foreign oil dependency, the
threat of energy supply disruptions and the need for more secure and clean
energy generation and distribution. >>View Article

Robbins: Renewable Energy is Attainable

August 13 -- Every now and then, something extraordinary comes out of the S.C.

More than a year ago, Act 236, the Distributed Energy Resource Program Act, was
signed by the governor, enabling the conservation community and statewide
utilities to negotiate unprecedented benefits to level the playing field for the
installation of residential rooftop solar in South Carolina. >>View Article

Utah is Primed for a Solar Boom

August 12 -- The state of Utah is on the precipice of a solar revolution, but its trajectory could be disrupted by the looming expiration of the federal investment tax credit (ITC) for solar energy.

Utah is just beginning to tap into its solar energy potential, ranking No. 5 in installed solar capacity out of all the Mountain states of the West. It now has enough solar energy installed to power 5,500 homes, however, more solar development is in the works that will bring Utah closer to its neighboring states, like Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico, which are already booming with solar activity. >>View Article

PUC Holds the Fate of 6,000 Solar Energy Jobs

August 12 -- Following my honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy, I moved from Hampton Roads, Va., back to Las Vegas to be closer to my parents.

Once back, I finished my degree in information technology and eventually joined the SolarCity family, where I found my career in the solar industry. It’s inspiring to see so many Nevadans choose solar for their homes and families, but I fear now that it could all be at risk. >>View Article

Clean Power Plan Can Mean Smarter Energy Decisions for Virginia

August 12 -- “There is such a thing as being too late,” President Obama said while announcing the country’s strongest action ever taken to curb carbon pollution causing climate change. The long- awaited Clean Power Plan sets standards for reducing power plant emissions — our greatest source of carbon pollution — by more than a third over the next 15 years.
From a climate and public health perspective, this action is a necessity we can delay no longer.

And from an economic perspective, it’s a moment to seize. >>View Article

How the Wind Power Sector Found a Vital Ally in Microsoft

August 12 -- The energy sector does not exist in a vacuum—for any form of energy production to truly grow and thrive, there has to be both a sufficient demand and infrastructure support. Right now wind energy is finding that kind of support in Microsoft. The global tech company has invested significantly in wind power over the past two years, building up contracts to deliver 285 MW of renewable power to its data centers from two wind energy projects built offsite. It’s a progressive move for Microsoft to turn toward renewable energy reliance—and for the renewable energy sector, the support of a company with as much influence and reach as Microsoft could be an immense boost. >>View Article

Offshore Wind Farm Positions Rhode Island as a Leader

July 29 -- Deepwater Wind has installed the first of five steel foundations for a wind farm that will sit three miles off the coast of Block Island. The project is expected to produce enough energy to power 17,000 homes. State and federal officials got an up-close look at construction for the first time yesterday. Rhode Island Public Radio environmental reporter Ambar Espinoza was with them, and she reports that Rhode Island has become an example for how to build renewable energy. >>View Article


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