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Another Voice: State’s Renewable Energy Program Should be Extended

July 29 -- When people hear that I work as a logger, driving a team of horses as I harvest trees from working forests in Arkwright, Chautauqua County, they assume that I am an old-fashioned kind of guy who is not a fan of modern technology, such as wind turbines. However, this is not the case. I believe that technology is an integral part of life, intertwined in everything we do. One common denominator exists among the modern benefits technology affords us: they require electricity. >>View Article

Report Presents Case for Wyoming Wind Power to California

July 29 -- California regulators could achieve savings in water use, electricity rates and greenhouse emissions by turning to Wyoming wind power to help offset the natural ups and downs of wind and solar power in their state, according to a University of Wyoming report released Monday. >>View Article

Yet Another Study Finds That Reducing Carbon Emissions Saves Americans Money

July 28 -- Conservatives insist that Obama's Clean Power Plan — indeed, any effort to reduce carbon emissions — will cost American consumers money and jobs.

It is impossible to know the future, so there's no way to say that this is definitively false, but at this point there's enough research and modeling to indicate that it's very, very unlikely. (This will not stop conservatives from saying it, and it won't stop the media from uncritically passing along these dire warnings.) >>View Article

Clean Power Could Mean Lower Electric Bills

July 28 -- According to two new reports, Colorado has the potential to reduce carbon pollution and help residents save money if state leaders make smart choices in implementing the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. >>View Article

Clean Power Plan Offers Biggest Hope

July 27 -- We are all eyewitnesses now.

Years back, during my Arctic expeditions, I experienced the early effects of a warming world in the forms of thin sea ice on the Arctic ocean and ice shelves disintegrating that took weeks or months to cross via ski or dogsled. News of the Antarctic’s Larsen B Ice Shelf collapse, which happened in a matter of weeks and rendered my International Trans-Antarctic expedition irreplicable, turned me from aware to active on the issue of climate change. Back then, I was one of a relatively small number of people who could serve as an eyewitness to climate change. Even at that point, I knew that this was a defining issue of our time, and committed to telling the story of climate change in the hopes of avoiding greater escalation of the problem. >>View Article

Shedding NC Clean Energy Rules a Mistake

July 27 -- As a native Tar Heel now leading a chamber of commerce in Ohio, I’m writing to encourage North Carolinians to maintain your Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard law and continue your commitment to building a strong, clean energy sector. >>View Article


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