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Doing Business. Doing Good.

August 20 -- This summer, after visitors land at Terminal E in Bush Intercontinental Airport, a Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau message informs them that "Houston Is Hip." This sign calls attention to the fact that, as the fourth-largest city in the U.S., we actually do have an urban planner, a high-fashion retailer, a clothing designer and even our very own rapper. >>View Article

Forget Fracking -- Wind Energy Prices Hit a Record Low in the U.S.

August 19 -- Wind energy is on the verge of becoming competitive with fossil fuels: Prices for the carbon-free electricity fell to a new low last year, according to a study released Monday by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Another sign that wind power is becoming a major power in the United States: Since 2007, wind farms have accounted for a third of the nation’s new electricity capacity, the study states. >>View Article

Eastern Shore Wind Farm: Let the Navy Decide

August 19 -- The wind-power power struggle at the highest levels of Maryland's Democratic Party seemed to have been decided in May when Gov. Martin O'Malley bucked Rep. Steny Hoyer to veto legislation that would have essentially killed a green energy project on the Eastern Shore. But it's only gotten hotter this summer, with Sen. Barbara Mikulski doubling down on the side of those who worry the turbines would jeopardize advanced radar testing at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River across the Chesapeake Bay. The powerful Appropriations Committee chairwoman is pushing language in a defense authorization bill aimed at stopping the Navy from entering any memorandum of understanding with the wind farm's developer until a second phase of an MIT study on the matter is completed next summer. >>View Article

Comments on Proposed Rules for REIT Real Property Definitions

August 18 -- The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) is pleased to submit the following comments on the Department of Treasury’s initiative to clarify the Internal Revenue Code’s definition of real property for the purposes of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), especially regarding renewable energy property. >>View Article

States Should Not Take Ohio's Lead on Freezing Renewable Energy Standards

August 18 -- In the absence of a national energy policy, about 30 states have adopted plans to create more electricity from renewable sources. This patchwork of incentives is crucial to the development of the wind-power and solar-energy industries, and hundreds of thousands of jobs; the shift to renewables is also necessary to combat climate change. Yet even these modest state policies are under attack from groups including Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Council, which are both closely aligned with the billionaire Koch brothers. It’s a staggeringly misguided attempt to convince voters, mostly in economically struggling states, that renewable-energy targets are driving up their electric bills. Yet it may be bearing fruit. >>View Article

Solar is a True Conservative Solution

August 18 -- When fossil-fuel funded groups like Americans for Prosperity start attacking solar energy, you have to wonder: Whats in it for them? More Florida dollars going out of state for more coal and natural gas? More air and water pollution-related medical costs for all? More glacier-melting, sea-level-rising greenhouse gases? >>View Article

Power Surge in Minnesota's Solar Industry

August 18 -- Minnesota’s solar power industry is in a growth spurt that’s about to accelerate.

The industry, once focused largely on installing solar photovoltaic panels for homes, businesses and government, now is seeing a surge in investment by electric utilities. >>View Article


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