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U.S. Offshore Wind Power Nears Takeoff with 14 Projects

September 8 -- Long stymied by high costs and local opposition, offshore wind is finally nearing takeoff in the Untied States as 14 projects enter "advanced stages" of development, the Energy Department reports.

Two of the projects — Cape Wind in Nantucket Sound off the coast of Massachusetts and Deepwater's Block Island off Rhode Island — have moved into the initial stages of construction while the others have obtained a lease, conducted extensive studies or obtained a power purchase agreement. Nine are located on the East Coast. >>View Article

As Coal Jobs Leave Kentucky, Where Are the Renewable Energy Jobs?

September 8 -- Kentucky doesn’t distinguish itself in a new report quantifying so-called “clean energy” jobs announced around the country in the second quarter of 2014.

The report from non-profit Environmental Entrepreneurs said these types of opportunities are growing in the U.S.—it listed 12,500 new clean energy and clean transportation jobs between April and June. Arizona added the most jobs during that time period (3,060 jobs), with California and Michigan in second and third place (2,512 and 1,450 jobs, respectively). >>View Article

The New Field of Dreams

September 4 -- As a Californian, I feel lucky to live in what is truly the Golden State -- a place of sunshine, agricultural bounty, natural beauty, technological innovation and boundless optimism.

And when it comes to the challenge of tackling climate change, California is one state that leads the way. In 2006, Californians stood together to pass landmark climate legislation; in 2010, we fought off the oil industry's attempt to dismantle those efforts; and today, California continues to be a national leader in clean energy deployment. >>View Article

Green Employment More than Doubled in Second Quarter

September 4 -- If you’re seeing more solar panels on top of your neighbors’ houses (or maybe your own) lately, it’s no fluke. Solar installations jumped a record 41% last year and, after dropping off in the first quarter of 2014, are leading a mini-boom in renewable energy, adding more than 5,300 new jobs in April through June. That’s according to the latest report from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a nonprofit association of businesses and investors that tracks green job creation. >>View Article

The President's Biggest Enemy

President Obama’s bold vision to transition the nation to a cleaner energy future is about to be derailed by one of his most potent adversaries: himself.

To the great consternation of many of the president’s critics, this year the nation will achieve the audacious goal the president set in 2011: using advanced technologies to convert corn stalks and cobs and other agricultural or municipal waste into fuel for our cars and trucks. >>View Article


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