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World Gets 22% of Electricity From Renewable Energy

June 20 -- The Renewables 2014 Global Status Report released earlier this month has good news for the environment, namely that an estimated 22.1% of the world’s electricity was generated from renewable sources in 2013. That percentage is expected to rise as countries across the globe pour money and resources into alternative, clean energy. >>View Article

Boston-based First Wind has made smooth entry into solar power

June 20 -- Boston wind farm developer First Wind has apparently made a smooth transition into the solar business during the past year. The developer has just signed its biggest solar agreement to date for a development in Utah, one whose power capacity would equal more than half of all of the solar panels that have been built so far in Massachusetts. This thing, when it’s done, will be one of the biggest solar power plants in the country. >>View Article

Consumers Energy Drops Renewables Fee

June 20 -- Consumers Energy customers will see slightly lower electricity bills starting next month. That's because on Thursday the state Public Service Commission approved the utility's plan to drop a renewable energy surcharge. The Gongwer News Service reports that the PSC approved the change because of the falling cost of wind power. Elimination of the surcharge was included in Consumers new renewable energy plan. >>View Article

Keeping the Solar Revolution Going

June 19 -- Two centuries ago homes and businesses were lit from whale oil brought back by a vast armada of whale ships, a fleet so enormous the City of New Bedford was popularly known as “The City that Lit the World.”

Today it would be as accurate to call New Bedford the “Solar City” in recognition of its meteoric rise to a national leadership position as the largest municipal consumer of solar photovoltaic electricity east of the Mississippi and one of the top five cities in the country in its use of solar energy. A sustained collaboration of businesses, utilities, and local political leadership has led to nearly a dozen solar projects that will save local taxpayers more than $20 million in electricity costs over the next 20 years. >>View Article

Energy Diversity is a National Security Imperative

June 19 -- When Gen. James Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps, first visited my office last year, I was one of the newest members of the House Armed Services Committee. I was eager to hear what he would want to tell me. I expected to hear about the sequester, recruiting and the drawdown, or about medical care. I certainly did not expect the topic he actually raised: “Congressman,” he said, “I want to talk to you about solar energy.” >>View Article

Lahman: Solar Energy Jobs in Buffalo Good for us too

June 19 -- Billionaire tech investor Elon Musk is coming to Buffalo, a move that has major implications for all of western New York.

Musk is the majority shareholder in SolarCity, the biggest player in the business of installing residential solar panels. On Tuesday, SolarCity announced that it was buying solar panel maker Silevo, which is preparing to move into the RiverHub clean technology hub in Buffalo. >>View Article

Lisa Wozniak: EPA Carbon Rules are a Clean Energy Opportunity

June 19 -- What will Michigan be like in the year 2030? If proposed rules to limit air pollution from power plants are embraced by decision makers, we will be living in a cleaner, healthier Great Lakes state. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled new rules that would curb carbon pollution from existing power plants for the first time --- a landmark announcement to implement rules that most Americans assumed already existed. >>View Article

‘Well over 1,000 jobs’ on solar horizon here

June 18 -- The solar panel factory slated to be part of the RiverBend clean-energy hub in South Buffalo could be more than five times bigger than originally planned, after the California-based company agreed Tuesday to be acquired by one of the nation’s biggest installers of solar power systems.

Instead of creating 475 jobs, as originally promised by the solar panel-maker Silevo, the $200 million deal and the expansion of the Buffalo factory could create “well over 1,000 jobs” under the company’s new owner, SolarCity Corp. of San Mateo, Calif. Its chairman is Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk. >>View Article


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