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False: Boehner Says Obama's Climate Change Policies Will Kill 224,000 Jobs and Surge Electric Bills by $17 Billion Every Year

June 3 -- President Barack Obama’s administration unveiled tough new regulations on existing power plants that seek to significantly curb carbon emissions in the coming decades.

Moments after the proposal was released, it was widely panned by Republicans, who called it a continuation of Obama’s so-called "War on Coal" and said it would kill jobs, raise electric prices and hurt the economy. >>View Article

Survey: Majority favor renewable energy over coal, despite costs

June 2 -- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to come out with new greenhouse gas regulations as earlier as next week that could have a devastating impact on existing coal plants. But a new survey from an environmentally-friendly business group finds a majority of people would support efforts to overhaul the nation's electric power grid to make room for more renewable forms of energy. >>View Article

Solar Impulse 2: Plane makes inaugural flight

June 2 -- A solar-powered plane that will be taken on a round-the-world journey in 2015 has made its inaugural flight. The Solar Impulse 2 vehicle lifted off from Payerne airfield in Switzerland at just after 03:35 GMT (04:35 BST; 05:35 CEST), returning two hours later. >>View Article

Carbon standards can catalyze economic growth

June 2 -- The Environmental Protection Agency’s upcoming carbon pollution standards provide an opportunity for New York to accelerate its investments in a clean energy future and combat climate change. We must continue to support common-sense legislation and standards that can help us innovate and grow the clean energy sector. >>View Article

Solar-roadway backers set crowdfunding record

May 30 -- You've probably heard that people love an underdog, but one couple's Indiegogo campaign to fund the manufacture of "solar roadways" seems to prove that longshot lovers are even willing to throw their money at an insanely ambitious idea, just because. >>View Article

Business Lobby Tries to Frighten America About Clean Energy, Fails Utterly

May 30 -- The premise of the Chamber’s study is that global emissions lie completely outside of American influence, so we might as well use all the dirty energy we can and let future generations deal with it. Against that backdrop, any program to reduce carbon pollution, however efficiently designed, is a pointless waste. But what the Chamber is actually demonstrating, in its attempts to frighten us, is that we hardly have anything to fear. >>View Article

The MLP Parity Act is a No-Brainer for Renewable Energy

May 30 -- A Master Limited Partnership (MLP) is a publicly traded partnership with a tax structure that enables it to attract low-cost capital. The main attraction of an MLP from an investor’s point of view is that MLPs don’t pay corporate income tax. Profits are passed directly to unitholders via regular distributions. Profits from conventional corporations are taxed at the corporate level, then a second time via the personal income tax on distributed dividends. In contrast, MLP distributions are taxed just once, at the individual level. >>View Article


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