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State has Opportunity to Modernize Energy Efficiency

May 21 -- On June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose sweeping new Clean Air Act regulations designed to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the heat-trapping greenhouse gas that the majority of scientists say is the chief cause of climate change. >>View Article

The Fine Print in Senate Bill 310's Renewable Energy Freeze Could Cost Ohio Dearly

May 19 -- Ohio House Republicans may soon pass Senate Bill 310 which, as it now stands, "will drive up electricity costs for customers and undermine manufacturing competitiveness in Ohio."

Those aren't the words of the Sierra Club, or Ralph Nader, but of the economically and politically conservative Ohio Manufacturers' Association, which speaks for some of Ohio's biggest employers. >>View Article

Some NFL Teams Are Going Green

May 19 -- When San Francisco 49ers fans enter the team's new Levi's Stadium for the first time later this year, they'll see green—and not just on the field.

The $1.2 billion stadium will be the first in the National Football League to feature a "living roof," a canopy of green and flowering plants nestled across the top of an eight-story tower of luxury suites to reduce the building's energy use and offer other environmental benefits by providing natural insulation. >>View Article

Expanding Hydropower

May 19 -- “Tear Down ‘Deadbeat’ Dams,” by Yvon Chouinard, argues that we should remove dams that no longer serve a public benefit. I agree; there are dams in the United States that are candidates for removal for various reasons. But just as we should examine some antiquated dams for removal, we should also work to maximize the public benefit of the 97 percent of current dams that don’t generate hydropower. >>View Article


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