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Geothermal Heating Saves Homeowners Money on Bills

February 26 -- Some people are digging up their yards to heat and cool their homes - and the government is paying them to do it.

It's called geothermal heating. As power and gas bills have skyrocketed during the frigid winters and blisteringly hot summers, more and more homeowners are turning to it to heat and cool their homes. >>View Article

Solar Industry Jump-Starts a Revival in California

February 26 -- Back in 2009, when Danny Kennedy was looking for office space for the fast-growing solar services company he had co-founded, his venture capital investors recommended setting up shop in one of the “Twitterville kinds of areas” south of Market Street in San Francisco.

... Instead — after looking at buildings he deemed “foggy and frumpy and cold and wet,” not to mention expensive — Mr. Kennedy ended up in an airy loft across the bay here at Jack London Square. In just four years, the company, Sungevity, has grown to 300 employees from 55 in its 11,000-square-foot space overlooking the Oakland Estuary, helping jump-start the area’s stalled revitalization. >>View Article

Consumer Reports: Tesla Electric Car is 2014's Top Auto Pick

February 26 -- The luxury electric Tesla Model S is the top overall car available on the market today, Consumer Reports found in its annual auto issue.

The $90,000 American sedan was bestowed the prestigious honor, while Japanese companies took five other citations in the annual rankings released Tuesday. >>View Article

Mark Dayton and Terry Branstad: Don't Weaken the Renewable Fuel Standard

February 25 -- We are governors from neighboring states and different political parties. We don't agree on everything, but we stand united in our belief that our nation needs a robust Renewable Fuel Standard. Therefore, we also stand together in our opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency's proposal to weaken the RFS.

Since Congress enacted the RFS in 2005 by huge bipartisan margins, it has provided the secure policy foundation that rural America needs to continue investments in renewable fuels. Those investments yield excellent returns. They diversify our nation's energy portfolio, clean the air, grow opportunities for businesses, create good-paying jobs in rural America, add value to farm products and give consumers lower-cost choices at the pump. >>View Article

New Coalition Windward Iowa to Advocate for More Wind Projects

February 25 -- Students at Kirkwood Community College can now train for many different jobs in the wind industry field.

"The ones that are out there maintaining the turbines, the O&M crews, the construction crews, that's where the jobs are at right now," said David Bennett, a Kirkwood Community College instructor.

According to the Iowa Wind Energy Association, there are currently around 7,000 people working in wind energy in Iowa. >>View Article

Tempering Oil Dependence

February 25 -- When we graduated from the Naval Academy in 1968, the American economic engine was powered by a domestic oil industry in the midst of a boom: American production accounted for one-quarter of the global total. Texas, rather than Saudi Arabia, was the world’s swing producer, and the United States had handled the 1967 Arab oil embargo by increasing production, keeping markets stable.

Times were about to change. Five years after our graduation, with its oil fields producing at full capacity, America found itself utterly unprepared for another oil embargo. This one, orchestrated by the Arab members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries cartel, delivered an economic shock that set off nearly a decade of financial turmoil, geopolitical uncertainty and damaging volatility in the global oil market. >>View Article

Don't Cut Energy Efficiency Program

February 25 -- The board of directors of Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light opposes SB 340 out of a concern for good stewardship of the Earth and its finite resources. H-IPL is a growing statewide faith-based organization inspired by the call of our many faith traditions to care for and safeguard the Earth. >>View Article

Roth: Oklahoma Revs up Renewable Energy

February 24 -- Energy has always been an essential industry to our state. Not only is Oklahoma an industry leader in oil and gas, our state is also at the forefront of the renewable-energy industry.

The primary source of renewable energy in Oklahoma is wind, as we have enjoyed continuing growth lately. Oklahoma’s wind energy sector has seen a meteoric rise most recently. In 2002, Oklahoma had virtually no installed wind power capacity. Now our state has the sixth-largest installed wind capacity in the nation, with 3,134 megawatts. >>View Article

CMU Study: Alternative Energy Should Thrive in Pa.

February 24 -- Solar panels under Pittsburgh's often-cloudy skies can offer more overall benefits than they would under the blazing sun of Arizona, and a wind farm in West Virginia can deliver more health benefits than turbines on the gusty Great Plains do.

That's according to a Carnegie Mellon University study, which concluded that in order to achieve the greatest gains from renewable energy sources, officials should not focus on the locations that have the greatest potential for capacity, but places where the highest number of people would benefit by offsetting the most pollutants. >>View Article

April Mastroluca: Nevada's on Path to Clean Energy

February 24 -- It was less than five years ago that Nevada was ground zero for the Western coal rush that was promising “clean coal” and “cheap rates.”

... Luckily, our state is in a far better place today. In the most recent legislative session, the same utility that proposed the Ely Energy Center and whose CEO said in February 2009, “We believe coal is an important resource for this country,” proposed a bill that would move Nevada away from coal within the next decade. >>View Article


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