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Tax Credit Helps Wind Power And The Economy

November 6 -- It appears that Christine Hanson is at it again with her recent attack on wind power on behalf of Americans for Prosperity, a group whose funding comes from energy industries which compete directly with wind. Unsurprisingly, the misinformation  Hanson and her organization have spread concerning the wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) walks hand in hand with the typical agenda-fueled rhetoric we hear from other special-interest groups. When the facts are on the table, however, we find a very different story than the one presented by Hanson. >>View Article

Corps Testing Solar-Powered Marines Concept

November 5 -- For years, top Marine commanders have been worried about the amount of weight each of their troops carries. There's the body armor, weapons and ammunition. Those are must-haves. But they also carry lots of water to keep from becoming dehydrated and batteries for their radios, GPS gear and night-vision goggles. Now, the Marine Corps is looking at how to reduce the water and battery weight. At a base in California this month, Marine and Navy researchers are testing a concept called Marine Austere Patrolling System, with a built-in solar panel and a water filtration system. >>View Article

5 Charts That Explain The Great Energy Shift

November 5 -- The United States is undergoing the greatest revolution in energy production in decades thanks to the shale-gas boom and the rise of renewable energy. The lure of cheap natural gas has led utilities to shutter aging and carbon-spewing coal-fired power plants in favor of much cleaner burning gas. Pending federal emissions regulations make it unlikely that any new coal plants will get built in the years ahead while state renewable energy mandates and the declining cost of solar and wind technologies have triggered a boom in green power. >>View Article

Microsoft Enters 20-Year Deal For Texas Wind Power

November 5 -- It takes a lot of energy to store all the data 1 billion people and 20 million businesses plug into their computers, phones, tablets and gadgets. So as part of an effort to become carbon neutral, Microsoft Corp. has entered a 20-year deal to buy power from a new wind farm in Texas, the first time the tech giant is directly purchasing electricity from a specific source. >>View Article

Michigan's 30% Renewable Energy Mandate 'Achievable'

November 5 -- Michigan is positioned to double its share of electricity from wind and other renewable sources within two decades but risks falling behind other states if nothing is done, state officials said in a final report issued to Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday. State law sets a 10 percent renewable power standard that must be met by the end of 2015. The report says 15 percent renewable electricity in 2020 and 30 percent in 2035 are “achievable” under all scenarios, including even halving related surcharges added to residential and business utility bills to pay mainly for new wind turbines. >>View Article

Attacks On Clean Energy Failed Across The Country

November 4 -- Efforts to roll back renewable energy standards in the states this year have largely failed despite the best efforts of conservative groups, according to a new report. At least 37 bills have been introduced in 2013 to eliminate or weaken states' renewable portfolio standards (RPS), which set a minimum requirement for how much energy a state's utilities must draw from renewable sources like solar and wind. >>View Article

Xcel Sets 60% Wind Energy Record In Colorado

November 4 -- In Colorado, Xcel Energy earlier this year set a new record, generating 60.5% of its electricity using the wind, up from its previous 56.7% record. This took place between 1 AM and 2 AM (local time) on a Friday — not a surprising time, as wind turbines often generate more electricity at night. >>View Article

Let's Be Conservative About Efficiency Standards

November 4 -- There are good reasons for thoughtful conservatives to support the continuation of 2008's Ohio Senate Bill 221 (SB 221) in its current form. SB 221 is the 2008 bill that contains Ohio's renewable portfolio standard, or RPS. The law now is under attack by some utilities and others who object to legislative mandates for increased energy efficiency and public support of renewable energy technologies. >>View Article

Now Competitive, Wind Power Could Advance LePage’s Energy Agenda

November 4 -- Gov. LePage’s energy policy is relatively straightforward: lower Maine’s energy costs in order to reduce financial burdens on individuals and businesses, increase Maine’s competitiveness and grow the state’s economy. So far so good. But a key tenet of that policy includes open hostility toward most renewable energy sources because of their historic inability to produce electricity at costs competitive with conventional sources. As a result, the governor simply has no use for them. >>View Article


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