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Businesses: EPA Clean Power Plan is Good for Economy, Environment

December 3 -- If you want to know what American businesses think about the Environmental Protection Agency's new carbon pollution standards and what they'll do to our economy, ask somebody who has built a business.

On Monday, more than 350 entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and others who belong to Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) delivered the message loud and clear: Cutting carbon pollution and increasing clean energy through the EPA's Clean Power Plan is good for our economy - and good for our environment. See E2's comments to the EPA here. >>View Article

Schleupner: Want Energy Independence? Go Solar.

December 3 -- Many people are concerned about the cost of their energy bills, but they don’t care about, or even flat out deny, climate change. If one looks more closely at these two problems, he or she might notice that the answer to both is the same. >>View Article

Now is Time for Mass. to Shine on Energy Policy

December 1 -- Following an editorial board meeting with officials of the New Bedford Wind Energy Center in October, it was impressed upon us how complicated it will be for the Legislature to construct a satisfactory replacement for the Clean Energy Resources Bill that failed at the close of the most recent session. >>View Article


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