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Iowa View: Transmission Line Will Connect Iowa's Wind to the World

January 14 -- I have been farming most of my life. I understand the value of owning, farming, and living on some of the most fertile soil in the world. I also understand how important it is to have a mechanism to bring our products to market. Without a farm-to-market route, the bounty of Iowa's abundant natural resources would not be able to help feed the world, and farmers would not be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Iowa has another natural resource in abundance that needs to get to market: wind. With the seventh-best wind resource in the country, Iowa is poised to lead the fastest-growing electricity production industry in the world. However, you may have noticed wind turbines are standing still. That is because the necessary infrastructure to carry wind energy to market has not kept pace with the demand. >>View Article

SRP Will Provide Free Wind Energy to Super Bowl

January 14 -- Salt River Project will light the Feb. 1 Super Bowl in metro Phoenix with electricity from wind power.

The municipal utility announced the energy sponsorship Tuesday, although the board of directors approved the deal in 2013 as part of a $1 million sponsorship of the Super Bowl Host Committee, a non-profit liaison between the league and the host region. >>View Article

Solar Power Will Work in Alabama, Just Ask Georgia

January 14 -- Despite similar climates, both political and meteorological, Georgia and Alabama could not be more different in their approach to solar power. While Georgia's conservative leaders have moved to foster this increasingly robust industry and the many jobs and consumer benefits it provides, Alabama has seen no similar leadership.

The difference isn't due to weather. Both states are comparable in terms of solar power potential, among the sunniest in the nation. The difference is in policy - while Georgia's policymakers see the value in promoting the state's clean energy economy through cost-effective solar investments, Alabama has shown no similar inclination and has even erected solar-killing barriers. >>View Article

Ecolab to Go All-Solar in Minnesota

January 13 -- Ecolab Inc., a global company based in St. Paul, says it’s going all solar in Minnesota. The company said Monday that it signed a deal with renewable energy developer SunEdison to acquire enough solar-generated electricity to offset virtually every watt of electricity used in its Minnesota business operations. >>View Article

The Sun Brings Power to Santa Fe Community College

January 13 -- From the distance, they look almost like bleachers — but these hot seats would give you a view of the sun. These solar arrays have been in place at the south end of the Santa Fe Community College campus and, together with another array on the site, are saving SFCC more than $200,000 in electricity bills, according to a news release from Positive Energy Solar. >>View Article


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