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Strengthen Wisconsin's Clean Energy Policy

Wisconsin utilities deserve credit for meeting the Renewable Portfolio Standard, or RPS, well ahead of schedule. The policy developed with bipartisan and business support in 2005 called for 10% of our electricity to come from sustainable sources such as wind, solar and bioenergy by 2015. As we learned from a recent Public Service Commission report, we got there in 2013 instead. >>View Article 


Our View: Renewable Energy Could Spark Maine's Economy

This is an example of what could happen in this country, especially in New England, which has no indigenous fossil fuels but is rich in the wind, sun, rivers and tides that could produce emission-free electricity long into the future, with no fuel costs. It’s a matter of making the right decisions now to create the conditions that would attract the private investment needed to make the transition. >>View Article 


Keep Kansas' Renewable Energy Mandate and the Benefits of Wind Power

The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires the state to get at least 20 percent of its electric power from sources such as the sun and wind by 2020. It has created thousands of jobs in the wind industry, provided new income to farmers and kept electricity prices in check for utility customers since bipartisan approval by the Kansas Legislature in 2009. >>View Article 


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