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Guest opinion: Energy bill good for Colorado

May 24 -- Senate Bill 252 has passed the legislature and is on the governor's desk for his signature. The bill requires a specific level of renewable energy to be consumed by rural electric cooperatives. It contains a modest cap on individual customer's electricity bills resulting from this requirement. >>View Article

'This loan program has exceeded expectations'

May 24 -- Following up on an item from March, President Obama's Republican critics spent a fair amount of time in 2012 condemning the administration's loan to Tesla Motors. In the final months of the race, it was a standard line of attack: the president was recklessly using our money, Mitt Romney said, to "pick losers." Obama was so irresponsible, he even invested in Tesla. >>View Article

Koopman has his facts wrong

May 23 -- Roger Koopman’s recent YourTurn editorial on renewable energy was shockingly wrong. Mr. Koopman is a Public Service Commissioner elected to be an expert on issues related to utility regulations. However, it would appear that he hasn’t done a basic utility power cost analysis and he hasn’t read the Renewable Portfolio Standard. >>View Article

Editorial - Taxing N.C. hybrid vehicle owners the wrong route

May 23 -- The fossil-fuel industry couldn't have written a better bill to discourage North Carolinians from buying hybrid and electric cars, but it didn't have to. The state Senate budget released Sunday contains a provision that would tax owners of hybrid and electric vehicles because, according to Sen. Bill Rabon, R-Brunswick, "They don't pay the motor fuels tax." >>View Article

Hydropower growth slows, but value remains high

May 22 -- Hydropower is a powerful and plentiful energy source. The U.S. Congress estimates that the country's hydropower industry employs 300,000 workers and generates about 7 percent of total U.S. electricity. The U.S. had 79 GW of installed hydropower in 2011, according to data from the Worldwatch Institute. >>View Article


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