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5 Leading-Edge Efficiency Programs in the US

June 26 -- The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has just completed its third national review of exemplary efficiency programs. With over 60 programs being recognized, one thing is clear: energy efficiency programs have taken off with remarkable speed over the last few years. >>View Article

The Next Tesla Or SolarCity

June 26 -- Speaking at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Wall Street this morning, Andrew Shapiro, the Founder of Broadscale Group, presented his ideas on how small clean energy companies can succeed: Collaborate with big corporations.  That does not mean going cap in hand looking for the cash those companies can bring, but forging collaborative partnerships where interests are aligned with a corporate investment, and leveraging the reach and scale of those companies to rapidly achieve scale that entrepreneurs have trouble finding on their own. >>View Article

ACORE Offers Strategies to Boost Renewable Energy Investment

June 26 -- A new study was released by the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF), and Climate Policy Initiative at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum-Wall Street, where hundreds of leaders from the renewable energy industry convened to discuss the current state of renewable energy finance. The study titled "Strategies to Scale-Up U.S. Renewable Energy Investment" highlights the role of policy at the state, federal, and regulatory level in unlocking record levels of private capital in the industry during the past decade. The paper also explores policies that would significantly increase private capital into renewable energy development. >>View Article

The renewable energy rollback that wasn't

June 25 -- For renewable energy supporters, this was supposed to be a year of statehouse setbacks. "States Cooling to Renewable Energy" read the headline of a March Wall Street Journal story reporting that more than a dozen legislatures were weighing proposals to roll back or abolish mandates that utilities purchase a certain amount of renewable energy. Mandates are in place in 29 states and Washington, D.C. >>View Article

Level playing field for renewables

June 25 -- Equal opportunity or a “level playing field” in the free market is one of the greatest cornerstones of American society. It ignites healthy competition between competitors, rewards the best ones and protects the path for others to reach the top. But in the marketplace of energy, that path is blocked when it comes to equal opportunity for investors. Since 1987, only fossil-fuel-based projects — not renewable energy technologies — have been able to leverage low-cost capital through master limited partnerships. >>View Article

For Solazyme, a Side Trip on the Way to Clean Fuel

June 24 -- Starting when they became friends in freshman year at Emory University in Atlanta, Jonathan S. Wolfson and Harrison F. Dillon would take off into the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado for weeks at time. They spent their days hiking in the wilderness and their nights drinking bourbon by the campfire, talking big about how one day they would build a company that would help preserve the environment they both loved. >>View Article


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