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Sunny Outlook for Green Energy in Massachusetts

May 5 -- The American wind energy industry is losing altitude, after a federal incentive program expired with the new year.

Yet in Massachusetts, solar energy is surging with new projects, both small and large, which are sprouting up across farms, fields and atop urban buildings. >>View Article

A Test for Pols: Keep or Gut Clean-Energy Law?

May 5 -- Would you vote for a politician who works to raise your electric bills, kill jobs, discourage economic growth and investment, waste energy, and degrade the air you breathe?

Ohioans may get the chance to cast such votes, or do the opposite, this year. That will depend on whether the Republican-controlled General Assembly passes a bill gutting the state law that sets sensible, effective standards for clean energy and energy efficiency. A Senate vote could come this week. >>View Article

Going Green is Causing the Job Landscape to Grow

May 5 -- Earth Day, a day dedicated to environmental awareness, reducing waste and pollution, and taking better care of our planet's resources, was April 22.

Environmental concerns extend from individual households to the political arena as well as the business sector. The growing population has increased demands on energy consumption and triggered businesses to encourage innovative thinking to maintain or increase profits and sustain resources. >>View Article

Solar Comes of Age

May 2 -- The Age of Aquarius is in full bloom, as evidenced by the astonishing global expansion of solar power last year. The celebration of Aquarius, a 2,000 year astrological period said to have emerged over the past 50 or so years, was popularized as the theme song of the '60's hippy musical, Hair. The period is marked by creativity, communitarianism, technology, humanity, globalism and altruism. >>View Article

Solar Energy is Heating Up Tech -- Even When the Sun Goes Down

May 2 -- The scientific press is abuzz with an April 13, 2014, paper in Nature Chemistry, which describes research performed at Harvard and MIT that would allow one to capture solar energy during the day when the sun is shining and then discharge it at night as heat. Although it’s off to a promising start, will this innovation be able to overcome the many challenges associated with gaining market adoption for a new technology? >>View Article

Too Clean to Fail

May 1 -- A battle is raging in Congress about the fate of the nation’s energy tax policies, and the first casualties were the suite of clean energy tax incentives for wind, solar and energy efficiency — along with the jobs, clean air and dollars saved that come with them. >>View Article


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