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Buffett Ready to Double $15 Billion Solar, Wind Bet

June 10 -- Warren Buffett briefly lost track of how many billions of dollars his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is spending to build wind and solar power in the U.S. That didn’t stop him from vowing to double the outlay.

Describing the company’s increasing investment in renewable energy at the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention in Las Vegas yesterday, Buffett had to rely on a deputy, Greg Abel, to remind him just how much they’d committed: $15 billion. >>View Article

Why Buffett, Apple, Google love solar power

June 9 -- The $100 billion solar power industry is gaining a lot of attention both globally and domestically, attracting high-profile investment from Wall Street giants such as Apple, Google and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. >>View Article

In Some States, Emissions Cuts Defy Skeptics

June 9 -- 

The cries of protest have been fierce, warning that President Obama’s plan to cut greenhouse gases from power plants will bring soaring electricity bills and even plunge the nation into blackouts. By the time the administration is finished, one prominent critic said, “millions of Americans will be freezing in the dark.”

Yet cuts on the scale Mr. Obama is calling for — a 30 percent reduction in emissions from the nation’s electricity industry by 2030 — have already been accomplished in parts of the country. >>View Article

Climate action is good for New Hampshire

June 6 -- Tackling climate change has been an economic driver for businesses and investors throughout New England. This week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released groundbreaking draft standards that will limit carbon pollution from existing power plants — the single largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in the United States. These new draft standards provide an opportunity for New Hampshire businesses and investors to continue to innovate and build a clean energy economy. >>View Article

What the EPA Clean Power Plan Means: More Jobs, Less Carbon

June 6 -- Here's what the Environmental Protection Agency's new pollution standards for power plants will mean for America: More jobs, less carbon. Of course the fossil fuel industry and some manufacturing organizations are trying to push the false premise that you can't have a healthy environment and a healthy economy. >>View Article


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