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'This loan program has exceeded expectations'

May 24 -- Following up on an item from March, President Obama's Republican critics spent a fair amount of time in 2012 condemning the administration's loan to Tesla Motors. In the final months of the race, it was a standard line of attack: the president was recklessly using our money, Mitt Romney said, to "pick losers." Obama was so irresponsible, he even invested in Tesla. >>View Article

Koopman has his facts wrong

May 23 -- Roger Koopman’s recent YourTurn editorial on renewable energy was shockingly wrong. Mr. Koopman is a Public Service Commissioner elected to be an expert on issues related to utility regulations. However, it would appear that he hasn’t done a basic utility power cost analysis and he hasn’t read the Renewable Portfolio Standard. >>View Article

Editorial - Taxing N.C. hybrid vehicle owners the wrong route

May 23 -- The fossil-fuel industry couldn't have written a better bill to discourage North Carolinians from buying hybrid and electric cars, but it didn't have to. The state Senate budget released Sunday contains a provision that would tax owners of hybrid and electric vehicles because, according to Sen. Bill Rabon, R-Brunswick, "They don't pay the motor fuels tax." >>View Article

Hydropower growth slows, but value remains high

May 22 -- Hydropower is a powerful and plentiful energy source. The U.S. Congress estimates that the country's hydropower industry employs 300,000 workers and generates about 7 percent of total U.S. electricity. The U.S. had 79 GW of installed hydropower in 2011, according to data from the Worldwatch Institute. >>View Article

U.S. Military Seeks to Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint Through Aggressive Push Into Renewable Energy

May 22 -- The Solar Energy Industries Association released a report Friday detailing the military’s recent commitment to power 25 percent of its electricity intake with renewable energy by 2025. So far more than 130 megawatts of solar voltaic systems have been installed in military bases spanning 31 states and D.C. The panels provide enough electricity to power 22,000 U.S. homes. >>View Article


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