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Walmart Puts Price of Solar Power on Rollback

May 9 -- At an event with President Barack Obama, Walmart today announced that it will double the number of on-site solar energy projects at its U.S. stores, Sam’s Clubs and distribution centers by 2020. The commitment is part of Walmart’s global initiative to drive the production or procurement of 7 billion kWh of renewable energy by the end of 2020. >>View Article

Solar Energy Costs Drop in Connecticut

May 9 -- More and more people across Connecticut are going solar when it comes to powering their homes.

According to state records, solar panels are going up on homes in Connecticut at a rate of 1,000 per year, a rate that is double what is was just a few years ago. >>View Article

Can the Kochs Hold Back History?

May 9 -- For a time, the press lord William Randolph Hearst did everything in his vast powers to keep the film “Citizen Kane” from finding an audience. He intimidated theater owners, refused to let ads run in his newspapers, and even pressured studio sycophants to destroy the negative. >>View Article

Ethanol Production Isn't to Blame for Rising Food Prices

May 6 -- We’re local restaurant owners, and we’ve experienced the economic benefits of ethanol production both for our businesses and communities. As a result of our local ethanol plant, we’ve seen more jobs, more investment in our local economy and business growth in every sector from construction to restaurants. >>View Article

Karin Brownlee: The RPS is Not to Blame

May 6 -- When a lie is often repeated, that does not make it true, but it does tend to influence those who hear it. Americans for Prosperity must be banking on this. The group has spread misinformation through mailers and radio and TV ads. Additional untruths were presented in a commentary by Jeff Glendening, state director of AFP. >>View Article

Illinois' Green Energy Law Needs a Rewrite

May 6 -- Gov. Pat Quinn has proudly proclaimed that Illinois is the first in the nation in renewable energy use and, while the state has unquestionably earned its bragging rights, policymakers need to do more to ensure that our clean energy sector remains strong. >>View Article


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