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EPA Clean Power Plan Can Be Job Creator for Virginia

April 10 -- A new report analyzing scenarios for Virginia’s compliance with the U.S. EPA Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions from the electric power sector shows that the Commonwealth could create thousands of permanent and temporary jobs by making investments to diversify its power sources with renewable energy, energy efficiency, and natural gas generating plants – and more than double the new jobs if the state pursued a long-sought goal of eliminating electricity imports from out of state. >>View Article

Bullish on Clean Energy

April 10 -- In a talk at the Kennedy School on Tuesday, physicist Amory Lovins outlined a path to a clean-energy future in the United States, one marked by “reinventing fire” through efficiency in things we already do, cost-saving innovation in green technology, and regulatory changes.

That future, Lovins said, would see the U.S. economy growing by 158 percent by 2050, even as it saves some $5 trillion over business as usual. It would see the country’s greenhouse gas emissions fall by 80 percent as coal, oil, and nuclear power are phased out. >>View Article

Bridging the Clean Energy Divide

April 9 -- When you live on a fixed income, reducing monthly electricity bills can make a big difference in your daily life. Lower energy costs mean more money for food, health care and other important parts of raising a family. A new study, Bridging the Clean Energy Divide, released by NRDC found that clean energy solutions like efficient appliances and wind and solar power are already helping seniors on fixed-incomes and low income families save money and make their homes safer, more comfortable places to live. >>View Article

Wind Power Creates 30,000 Texas Jobs, Generates $85 Million in Taxes

April 9 -- The boom in West Texas wind-powered electricity generation has delivered a major economic boost to the region, including creation of over 40 new businesses and 30,000 construction jobs in 57 West Texas counties since 2001, according to data collected by Public Citizen’s Texas office.

The 40 new manufacturers and businesses make everything from wind turbine blades and steel towers to electronics, according to the data. Wind farms also generate over $85 million in taxes annually in rural Texas counties and more than $9 billion in new taxable assets in the last 14 years. >>View Article

California Needs Cleaner Energy Future

April 9 -- California’s energy future experienced a tidal shift toward smart, clean power planning last month in a below-the-radar proposed decision by the California Public Utilities Commission, the agency that regulates electricity across the state and determines the mix of resources in the state’s energy portfolio. >>View Article

Green Energy Goes to War: Renewables Set to Test Resilience for NATO

April 9 -- Starting in June, defense companies including Thales SA and Multicon Solar AG will join NATO to test the military’s ability to use renewable power in combat and humanitarian operations.

About 1,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organization soldiers will spend 12 days deploying wind turbines, solar panels and self-contained power grids in Hungary, according to Susanne Michaelis, the group’s action officer for smart energy. >>View Article

Coal Jobs Decline As Renewable Jobs Increase

April 9 -- A new study out of Duke University has shown that during the four years following the 2008 recession, the US coal industry lost more than 49,000 jobs, while at the same time the natural gas, solar, and wind industries across the country created nearly four times as many jobs as coal lost. >>View Article


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