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Renewable Energy Delivers Benefits to Nevada

May 1 -- The tremendous benefits of clean, low-cost, renewable energy are becoming increasingly apparent throughout the U.S. Solar companies pride themselves on providing clean energy to a variety of customers, including business and homeowners, rural and tribal clients, as well as the non-profit, public, low-income and educational sectors. >>View Article

OH Energy Efficiency Standards: A Matter of National Security?

April 29 -- Beyond concerns that Ohio Senate Bill 310 on energy standards would hurt economic growth and raise energy bills, those opposed to the measure say it's also a matter of national security. The bill would freeze the state's renewable-energy and energy-efficiency requirements to block further tightening of standards. >>View Article

Apple's New Green Manifesto: Renewable Energy Is Ready to Become Mainstream

April 29 -- With the launch of Apple's new environmental initiative, the world is once again buzzing with comments, critique and speculation on what the world's biggest brand is doing. Apple's bold move is an impetus for the private sector to move in the same direction. Renewable energy is ready to become mainstream, and those companies that fail to pick up on the trend will lose their competitive edge. >>View Article

The Time for Wind and Solar Energy Is Now

April 28 -- The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's latest report, which explores ways to cut carbon emissions, put the world on notice. Despite efforts in the United States, Europe and developing countries such as China to ramp up energy efficiency and renewable energy, global carbon emissions have been increasing at a much faster clip than they were just a few decades ago. >>View Article

The Koch Attack on Solar Energy

April 28 -- At long last, the Koch brothers and their conservative allies in state government have found a new tax they can support. Naturally it’s a tax on something the country needs: solar energy panels. >>View Article


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