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Global Wind Energy Installations Grow By 42% In 2014

March 31 -- Navigant Research has published its 20th edition of the annual World Wind Energy Market Update report, and it shows that worldwide wind power installations grew by 42% in 2014.

The report, which covers developments in the wind energy sector throughout 2014, also highlights the importance of China, Germany, and the United States in the global wind industry’s “remarkable comeback in 2014,” thanks to “policy-driven acceleration of installations.” >>View Article

Rich Nations' Fossil Fuel Export Funding Dwarfs Green Spend-Documents

March 31 -- Rich nations provided around five times as much in export subsidies for fossil-fuel technology as for renewable energy over a decade, according to OECD data seen by Reuters.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) figures on export credits are central to a debate on targeting funding ahead of U.N. climate talks in Paris at the end of the year. >>View Article

Will State Policies Adjust to Attract Renewable Energy Investment?

March 31 -- In lieu of consistent energy policy at the federal level, businesses and power providers are increasingly looking to state legislatures for the right signals to invest in energy. The result? States are stepping up, leading to an increase in renewable energy use, particularly by some of America’s largest companies. >>View Article

The EPA Defends the Clean Power Plan

March 31 -- The Environmental Protection Agency has rolled out an ambitious Clean Power Plan to get states to cut their carbon emissions. And it has run up against a chorus of critics charging the agency with vast overreach.

To get an inside look at the fight, Wall Street Journal Editor in Chief Gerard Baker spoke with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. Here are edited excerpts of their conversation. >>View Article

Blue-Collar Solar

March 31 -- Green, energy-saving technologies are essentially luxury products. Solar rigs and energy-efficiency upgrades require big upfront investments in equipment that may not pay off for many years. Spend $40,000 on solar panels for your roof, and you won’t get your money back in lower electricity bills for a dozen years or more. You’d have to drive a hybrid car tens of thousands of miles to recapture the extra costs in the form of lower spending on gasoline. As a result, going green has historically only been an option to those who can afford to make conspicuous displays of virtuous consumption—not the 1 percent, perhaps, but certainly the top 25 percent. >>View Article


Why is a Liberal Professor Helping Mitch McConnell Fight for Coal Companies?

March 26 -- Mitch McConnell, who is leading the fight to stop the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, pointed out last week that he has a surprising ally: “Iconic liberal constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe — who was President Obama’s constitutional law professor at Harvard Law School — said he agrees.” The lawsuit to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating the greenhouse gas emissions of existing power plants would, if successful, close out the sole realistic channel that might allow the United States to comply with its international climate commitments, and thus likely doom any international agreement to limit the effects of climate change. The endorsement of Tribe, a famous liberal law professor, has become the right’s favorite talking point. Last December, The Wall Street Journal devoted an entire editorial to extolling this smackdown of Obama from an unimpeachably favorable source. “Professor Tribe delivered a constitutional rebuke this week to the Obama Administration,” the Journal gloated, “that is remarkable coming from a titan of the liberal professoriate.” Reason, the Daily Caller, Jonathan Adler, among others, have likewise touted Tribe’s defection to their side. >>View Article

Why This Wind Energy Farm's Record Year is Good News for America

March 26 -- In Franklin County, Maine just a few miles from the Canadian border is Kibby Mountain. Over 3,600 feet above sea level, the mountain is home to hiking and snowmobile trails and beautiful evergreens. And today, the remote mountain is also home to the largest wind farm in New England.

With 44 turbines all standing nearly 300 feet tall, the Kibby wind facility has the capacity to generate enough power to meet the needs of approximately 50,000 homes – or every home in Franklin, Oxford and Summerset Counties in the state of Maine. >>View Article

Will Minnesota Policymakers Follow the Corporate Commitment to Clean Energy?

March 26 -- Markets are making it clear that clean energy is good for business and is smart public policy. Earlier this year, 3M made a commitment to set quantitative goals for sourcing and/or production of renewable energy. This proactive, financially sound approach will reduce 3M’s greenhouse gas emissions as well as the company’s exposure to volatile energy prices. In Minnesota, 3M joins some of the state’s largest companies in committing to clean energy. With the private sector leading, will policymakers follow? Now is the time for Minnesota lawmakers to increase the state’s commitment to clean energy by setting a new 40 percent target for renewable energy and increasing energy savings to 2 percent annually. >>View Article

Europe's Solar Power Deployments Sailed Through Feared Eclipse with Flying Colors

March 26 -- Last week we covered the then-upcoming solar eclipse, as well as European concerns that the event might cause catastrophic blackouts or failures across Europe. In reality, Friday, March 20, passed with no problems; the European power grid was adequately buffered and protected against the sudden drop-off of power generation, and handled the surge of PV panels coming back online with equal aplomb. >>View Article


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