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Wind Energy State Fact Sheets

December 9 -- Wind energy fact sheet showing past, present, and future resource potential along with factoids on wind industry supply chain and current electricity generation in the 11-state Southeast region. >>View Article

An Excellent Start: GOP Congressman Chris Gibson and Climate Change

December 9 -- I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about global warming. Sadly, much of it isn’t discussing the science—which is now extremely well established—but in debunking the ridiculous and frankly appalling denial so rampant in our political leaders.

That’s why it brings me a substantial amount of delight to write about Chris Gibson, a Republican from upstate New York who acknowledges the reality of climate change. >>View Article

1 in 5 Australian Households Have Gone Solar

December 5 -- Between taking in a kangaroo boxing match and surfing in shark-infested waters, it turns out a lot of Australians are also going solar.

According to new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Australian households, or 19 percent, now use solar energy for electricity or hot water. That’s up from about 5 percent in 2011, when the bureau first started publishing statistics on solar. >>View Article


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