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For Sustainability, Time Has Come for Solar Power

Solar energy is no longer the future. It is now. There is no better place on the planet to invest in rooftop solar energy systems than in Southern Nevada, where our greatest resource is the sun. Solar energy can power not only your home but also an electric vehicle. >>View Article 

Solar Push a Massive Hit in North Carolina

Bray has formed the Clean Energy for Us campaign and Sawtooth Inc. The latter links nonprofits and community organizers working to boost solar power use with companies able to install solar panels, and helps homeowners with other cost-saving projects. >>View Article 

EPA's Clean Power Plan Means Wisconsin Jobs and Growth

The Clean Power Plan will help tackle climate change by bringing existing power plants up to modern standards. Currently, coal-fired power plants in the United States emit as much carbon dioxide as all the nation's cars, trucks and planes combined. Encouraging renewable energy development will result in business growth, job creation, cleaner air and a quicker path to energy independence. >>View Article 

It's Time to Pass a Carbon Tax

If I could pass one energy policy for the U.S., I would put a price on carbon emissions. There is no silver bullet for making the transition to clean energy—we need many policy changes at the national, state and local levels. Assigning a price to carbon, however, would likely have more impact than any other single thing we could do. >>View Article 


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