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Another Smear by Big Oil on Wind Power

September 11 -- Koch-funded Kathleen Hartnett White’s Aug. 31 commentary on the Clean Power Plan ignores how low-cost wind energy helps states cost-effectively and reliably cut carbon pollution.

Unable to criticize American wind energy, among the lowest-cost and most productive in the world, White instead focuses on Germany. Her argument has little relevance as U.S. wind plants are nearly twice as productive as those in Germany, allowing the cost of wind in the U.S. to be a fraction of what it is in Europe. >>View Article 

Ocean thermal conversion to electricity begins in offshore Hawaii

August 27 -- A small but operational ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) plant was inaugurated in Hawaii last week, making it the first in the world. The opening of the 100-kilowatt facility marked the first time a closed-cycle OTEC plant will be connected to the U.S. grid. But that amount of energy production can power only 120 Hawaiian homes for a year, a tiny drop in the ocean for the island state's own energy needs. What promise OTEC holds for other regions is even less certain. >>View Article

Congress Should Extend the Tax Credit for Solar Energy Installations

August 24 -- Solar energy is becoming increasingly important as a way for
homeowners and businesses to lower their electricity costs while also reducing
greenhouse gas emissions.

An essential element in the growth of this renewable energy source is a federal
tax credit that is due to run out. It may be too much to ask, given the current
political atmosphere, but Congress should not hesitate to extend the credit.
>>View Article

Barry Goldwater Jr. to Michigan Conservatives: Rooftop Solar is About Choice, Freedom and Liberty

August 24 -- Barry M. Goldwater Jr. has a problem with fellow conservatives and
utility executives in Michigan.

Goldwater Jr., 77, told me in an interview this week that he is upset with
Michigan Republican legislators who he says want to discard the state’s
successful net metering law that has helped to create jobs and a booming yet
fledgling industry for rooftop solar projects on residential homes, churches and
small businesses. >>View Article

White House Announces Plans to Boost Renewable Energy Use

August 24 -- The White House on Monday expanded its push for greater renewable
energy adoption, announcing fresh financial incentives for solar panels, smart
grid technology and other alternative energies for homeowners and builders.

President Barack Obama will travel to Las Vegas, Nevada later on Monday to
unveil the new steps, which include an additional $1 billion in loan guarantees
for new research projects and near-term savings for homeowners using renewable
energy. >>View Article

Don’t Dim Solar Energy

August 24 -- Santee Cooper is poised to deal solar energy a significant setback.

While other utilities, including SCE&G and Duke Energy are making it more
feasible for customers in South Carolina to generate and use their own solar
energy, Santee Cooper is considering additional fees and anemic compensation for
excess solar-generated energy that will do the opposite.

The board of the state-owned utility will meet today to vote on increasing, for
the interim, both general rates and costs to home solar users. >>View Article

Solar Tax Credits Called Key to Industry Growth

August 20 -- Jeff Tracy wanted to have solar panels installed at his City of Lockport home because he thought it would be good for the environment.

The project would have been out of his price range, however, if not for the array of tax credits and incentives available for solar energy projects. >>View Article


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