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EDF Renewable Energy Confirms Turbine Order with Vestas for 194 Megawatts

April 2 -- EDF Renewable Energy has placed a firm order with Vestas for 194 megawatts (MW) of V100-2.0 MW wind turbine generators. The order is part of the Master Supply Agreement (MSA) announced in September 2013.

The most recent order brings the firm commitment of the Vestas turbines to 494 MW to meet the demands of the projects in the Texas panhandle. Deliveries and commissioning are expected to be complete in the 4th Quarter of 2015. >>View Article

Investors Warm to Green Bonds

April 2 -- The ice cream set to flow from Unilever's ULVR.LN +0.16% new factory in South Africa next year will be unusual. It will be green.

The Anglo-Dutch consumer-goods company's high-tech plant on the outskirts of Johannesburg will start producing popular frozen treats such as Magnums and Cornettos, funded by the firm's debut green bond to ensure production is less harmful on the environment. >>View Article

Going Under the Sea for Clean Energy

April 2 -- A black-and-red tower with what look like white wings juts out of the water in Strangford Lough, a fjord that runs from the Irish Sea deep into the farm country of Northern Ireland.

Curious seals stick their heads up as a boat draws close, but they don’t seem to be bothered by the strange-looking device, which is actually a windmill, except its blades are under water.

SeaGen, as the machine is called, might be the most convincing evidence available that the large-scale harnessing of tidal power is becoming more than just an engineer’s fantasy. >>View Article

Oklahoma City Thunder, OG&E Team Up For Renewable Energy

April 2 -- As part of the NBA’s Green Week, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Oklahoma Gas and Electric are teaming up for renewable energy.

Under a five-year deal announced Tuesday, OG&E will provide the team with renewable energy credits in its home arena on game days, as well as its corporate offices, practice facility and community events center. >>View Article

Lower Power Bills for Nearly 12 Million Californians

April 2 -- Nearly 12 million Californians will get a discount on their power bill this month, in October and twice per year next year, too.

Utilities bought or were given carbon credits last year under California's cap and trade system. Those that increased their supply of green energy had fewer emissions. That meant they had more credits to sell on the cap and trade market. The billion dollars in sales will go to rate payers for investor-owned utilities. >>View Article

Bill Thwarting Wind Energy Project Could Hurt State

April 2 -- If you work in Maryland, you have good reason to be concerned about climate change and to be in favor of more clean energy like land-based wind power. Unfortunately, a bill moving in Annapolis right now would severely handicap Maryland's ability to pursue onshore wind development within our borders.

My organization, the Labor Network for Sustainability, recently released a report called "The Impact of Climate Change on Work and Working People in Maryland." The report shines a bright light on specific sectors of Maryland's economy and how climate change threatens each one. Let's consider a few of those sectors. >>View Article

Scatec Solar Secures Final Approvals to Build 80MW Utah Solar Park

April 1 -- Today, Scatec Solar, the global independent solar power producer, received the final approvals necessary to proceed with the building of an 80 MW (ac) PV (photovoltaic) solar plant in Iron County, Utah. The Utah Red Hills Renewable Energy Park, set to be built on a site with excellent solar irradiation, will generate around 210 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year, which will be fed into the grid under a twenty-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with PacifiCorp. Construction is estimated to start in the third quarter of 2014 and when complete, the plant will be Utah's largest solar energy generation facility. >>View Article

Make Energy Efficiency Part of US Policy

April 1 -- Over the past couple weeks, we’ve witnessed significant progress for energy efficiency policy. The recent passing of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2014 (HR 2126, means provisions for energy savings, benchmarking and overall efficiency in commercial and federal buildings are just a legislative process away from becoming the law—and we hope the progress doesn’t stop there.

By highlighting this easy win for energy efficiency policy, we’d like to call attention to how this process can be replicated with the larger piece of energy efficiency legislation waiting to hit the floor—the bi-partisan energy bill from Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio) that would truly indoctrinate energy efficiency into U.S. policy. >>View Article

Governors Press Congress on Wind Tax Credit

April 1 -- A bipartisan group of governors is calling on congressional leaders to pass a multi-year extension of tax credits for the wind energy industry.

In a letter sent to Congress on Monday, governors from four states urged lawmakers to extend the production tax credit after letting it expire at the end of last year.

"Thousands of jobs were lost, as were substantial new investments and local payments," the letter states. >>View Article

Study: Michigan Could Expand Renewable Energy at Low Cost

April 1 -- With Michigan’s renewable energy standard set to expire at the end of 2015, and a high-profile fight over the standard in 2012 still fresh in many minds, debate has swirled about the costs and benefits of renewing or strengthening the law.

Amid the discussion, a recent study finds that Michigan could more than triple its renewable energy resources by 2030, with virtually no extra cost to consumers. >>View Article


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