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Google’s Newest Renewable Energy Investment: Africa’s Biggest Wind Farm

October 21 -- Google has made a reputation for itself in recent years as a major investor in renewable energy. And this morning, the company announced its newest investment: a wind power project in Kenya that, when completed, will be the continent’s biggest wind farm.

The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, which broke ground in July, is expected to generate 1,400 gigawatt-hours of power per year, or 15 percent of the country’s electricity consumption, according to a fact sheet from Vestas, one of the project’s co-developers. The project will include 365 wind turbines, spread along the shore of Kenya’s Lake Turkana. >>View Article

Clean Power Plan Will Slice Pollution, Boost Renewable Energy

October 21 -- The new federal Clean Power Plan has the attention of some top Kansas and Missouri lawmakers. They hate it.

That’s not surprising. Elected officials often don’t like being told what to do by the Environmental Protection Agency and its frequently criticized “bureaucrats.”

And President Barack Obama is strongly promoting the plan to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, setting off even more complaints about Washington ordering states around. >>View Article

Clean Energy Goals Mean Lower Costs, Prices, Walmart Energy Boss Says

October 21 -- The newly hired chief of Walmart’s energy division told members of the Arkansas Advance Energy Association on Tuesday that the retail giant’s ultimate goal in becoming 100% sustainable and supplied by renewable energy is still to reduce costs and bring lower prices to the retail giant’s millions of customers

“My responsibility as we execute these (goals) that we are doing is that at the same time we are reducing costs to Walmart and passing it on to the customers,” said Mark Vanderhelm, vice president of Walmart energy. >>View Article

Hydropower Backers Push Faster Permitting

October 21 -- A hydropower industry group is encouraging Congress to move forward with bills to speed up the permitting process for new projects.

The National Hydropower Association launched a website and public education campaign Monday to plug the industry, the role it can play in reducing carbon emissions and congressional measures designed to ease hydropower permitting in the future.

“As a nation, if we are serious about decreasing carbon emissions and expanding clean energy solutions, we simply can’t allow hydropower to be hindered by a process that can take up to ten years,” NHA executive director Linda Church Ciocci said in a statement. >>View Article

How Sacramento Kings Plan to Make Arena Fully Powered by Solar

October 21 -- The Golden 1 Center will get essentially all its electricity from solar power, the Sacramento Kings announced Monday.

The Kings organization said it entered a 20-year purchase contract with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District to buy electricity through SMUD's SolarShares program from a new 10.9-megawatt solar farm near Rancho Seco. >>View Article

More Companies Commit to Obama's Climate Pledge

October 21 -- WASHINGTON — The White House is enlisting Fortune 500 CEOs in its attempts to reach a breakthrough agreement on climate change, announcing agreements with 68 more companies committed to reducing their greenhouse gasses ahead of international talks in Paris.

The CEOs are among the 81 major companies that have now made specific commitments on climate. But just as important for President Obama, they're also putting a business-friendly face on his clean energy initiatives. >>View Article

Kerry Calls for 'Ambitious' Paris Climate Deal

October 21 -- Secretary of State John Kerry is urging world leaders to come together on climate change ahead of a major United Nations conference in Paris this year.

“We need every country on the same page, all pushing for an ambitious, durable, and inclusive agreement that will finally put us on the path towards a global clean-energy future,” Kerry said Saturday during a speech to the Milan Expo in Italy.

“The kind of agreement that we’re working toward will prove that world leaders finally understand the scope of the challenge that we are up against.” >>View Article

Businesses Look to Renewable Energy to Cut Costs

October 16 -- For years now, the United States has been adding more electricity generation from renewable sources than from fossil fuels such as coal, and there is probably no looking back, business people were told Wednesday during the NIPSCO 2015 Energy Symposium.

During a panel discussion on renewable energy, Kevin Moore, of Midwest Wind and Solar, told listeners the East and West coasts now have mature renewable energy markets, particularly for solar, and now it's our turn. >>View Article

Camp Pendleton Improves Energy Security with the Fractal Grid

October 16 -- There is new technology helping the military become more energy independent, all while improving our national security. It’s called the Fractal Grid; the system was installed over the summer and is 100% renewable. It allows Camp Pendleton to remain fully functional in the event of a utility grid interruption or worse, if the base is under attack. With just a touch of a finger Camp Pendleton is keeping a close eye on its new 1.1 mega watt micro grid. >>View Article


National Security and Climate Change

October 16 -- As Americans we honor our troops and respect our military. Thousands of lives have been lost to protect this great country and keep it free. And yet, why do we ignore their warning about climate change? Over the years, every branch of the military has said that climate change is a major issue America must address. Many studies are coming out saying as climate change continues, more countries around the world will become politically unstable.

As governments around the world become less stable, organizations like ISIS find footholds and create international turmoil. Severe droughts, sea level rise and food scarcity will be catalysts for both mass migrations and even war. Climate change has been considered by some a threat multiplier, in that it will compound major issues in the world today. It is considered a direct cause of instability in some regions of the world. Imagine a world without the Mississippi River. Americans would have some serious problems to deal with. >>View Article


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