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Va. Gov Urges Energy Savings by State Government

McAuliffe has made energy efficiency a cornerstone of his four-year energy plan released this month. The executive order instructs executive branch agencies, authorities and departments to actively pursue energy efficiencies. The order extends to higher education, as well. >>View Article 

Marylanders Want More Solar, Wind Power

Marylanders really, really want to get more of their electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind, a new poll finds. Most also apparently back government mandates to make it happen, even if they have to pay a little more for their power. >>View Article 

The Benefits of Wind Energy in Colorado

Earlier this year, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation reported that over 18,000 Coloradans were employed in the state's red-hot clean tech sector that has now grown to over 1,400 companies in the nine-county metro Denver area. >>View Article 

Climate Change Brings Great Challenges, Greater Economic Opportunity

Many of the world’s great improvements were made simply because they had to be made—often bringing great economic benefits with them. For example, in order for nations to survive, WWII led to an arms race which exponentially developed weapon technology, but also led to things like penicillin, and leaps in economic growth and industrialization. Similarly, the subsequent Cold War and Space Race brought great fear, but also the genesis of most computing and nanotechnology still bursting onto the market today. What’s so important to note about these struggles, is that our economy actually benefits from adaptation and has almost always rises to the challenge. >>View Article 


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