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Wind power’s set for a comeback: World capacity to more than double by 2018

July 25 -- Wind power is currently making just a small, if powerful, contribution to the world’s energy mix — just 3 percent, meaning it’s still no match for oil and gas. But according to industry analysts, it’s headed for a major upswing, and the worldwide supply of wind energy will more than double in the next five years.

If every Colorado business leader who stands to benefit from the new Clean Power Plan shows up at next week's doubleheader listening sessions at the Environmental Protection Agency's Wynkoop Street offices, the agency would have to move the event a few blocks away to Coors Field.

The daylong, back-to-back listening sessions, scheduled for July 29 and 30, give Coloradans a unique opportunity to weigh in on the most serious effort in U.S. history to combat the growing threat climate change poses to our economy. Denver is one of just four cities — and the only one west of Atlanta — where these listening sessions are being held. >>View Article

California houses the top greenest utilities

July 25 -- The nation's greenest utilities tend to cluster in coastal states such as California that promote renewable power and energy efficiency, while those that score lower are located in the Southeast, says a ranking Thursday of the 32 largest U.S. electric utilities.

State policies are a key determinant in how utilities perform, according to the report — billed as the "first-of-its-kind" — by Ceres and Clean Edge, two research groups focused on sustainability. The utilities are ranked on three indicators that look at renewable energy sales and energy efficiency savings. >>View Article

Power to Save: Raceway Hits Major Milestone at Solar Farm

July 25 -- LONG POND – About four years ago Pocono Raceway dedicated a solar farm to generate energy.

On Thursday, the raceway in Monroe County showed us exactly how much electricity it has produced and the numbers are pretty impressive.

About 40,000 solar panels sit off in an old parking lot across from the Pocono Raceway. >>View Article

Texas Is Wired for Wind Power, and More Farms Plug In

July 24 -- The wind is so relentless that a week can go by before it is calm enough for a crane operator to install the 30-ton blades atop the 260-foot towers at the Panhandle 2 wind farm here. It’s worth the wait; a single turbine at the farm can produce 40 percent more energy than an average one. >>View Article

Major Savings Seen on Electric Bills

July 24 -- Nevada utility customers could save hundreds of millions of dollars on their electric bills if the Nevada Legislature adopted energy savings standards as 26 other states have already done, a public policy group said Wednesday.

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project has asked the Nevada Legislative Committee on Energy to seek a bill draft to get the Legislature to adopt the requirements, called Energy Efficiency Resource Standards, also known as EERS. The committee meets Friday. >>View Article

Solar Could Make State Shine

July 24 -- Massachusetts is extremely competitive with other states for solar development, ranking sixth in the country in terms of installed solar capacity and ahead of much sunnier states like Colorado and New Mexico.

But it hasn't always been that way. >>View Article

Court Ruling Encourages Corporate Investment

July 24 -- Renewable energy adoption is on the rise around the country. Corporate America is no exception. A majority of America’s largest companies have a clean energy goal, and they’re making serious investments to meet those goals. >>View Article

Profits heat up at Boise-based U.S. Geothermal

July 23 -- Six months of retirement was enough for Dennis Gilles.

He took overseas trips he'd had no time for in 23 years as an executive at California energy company Calpine Corp. He tinkered with his 1967 Ford Mustang at his home in Sonoma County. But drinks by the pool got old. He was bored.

So Gilles accepted a position in 2011 on the board at U.S. Geothermal, a tiny company in Boise. >>View Article


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