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Green Employment More than Doubled in Second Quarter

September 4 -- If you’re seeing more solar panels on top of your neighbors’ houses (or maybe your own) lately, it’s no fluke. Solar installations jumped a record 41% last year and, after dropping off in the first quarter of 2014, are leading a mini-boom in renewable energy, adding more than 5,300 new jobs in April through June. That’s according to the latest report from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a nonprofit association of businesses and investors that tracks green job creation. >>View Article

The President's Biggest Enemy

President Obama’s bold vision to transition the nation to a cleaner energy future is about to be derailed by one of his most potent adversaries: himself.

To the great consternation of many of the president’s critics, this year the nation will achieve the audacious goal the president set in 2011: using advanced technologies to convert corn stalks and cobs and other agricultural or municipal waste into fuel for our cars and trucks. >>View Article

Solar Power Set to Double for Seventh Straight Year

September 2 -- The amount of U.S. electricity generated from solar power is slated to more than double for the seventh consecutive year.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration said that solar has provided 7.4 million megawatt-hours of electricity through June, enough to power about 685,000 homes per year. Aided by a mishmash of federal and state incentives, coupled with plummeting solar panel prices, installations are increasing all over the country — generation this year is more than double the 3.5 million megawatt-hours over the same period last year. >>View Article

Corporate America is Betting Big on Solar Energy

September 2 -- Many people may still question the future of solar energy in the United States, but there's little debate in corporate America over whether to go solar. What may surprise you is that the discussion has nothing to do with climate change.

Some of the largest and most influential companies in the country are spending billions of dollars to outfit their businesses with solar energy. And they're doing so in the name of increasing shareholder value. >>View Article

Let's Have a More Forward-Thinking Vision of Our Energy Future

September 2 -- Wisconsin is poised for a battle this fall that may well determine the shape of its energy consumption profile and conservation practices for years to come.

We Energies – which serves Racine County and most of southeastern Wisconsin – is seeking a 2 percent overall electric rate increase approval from the state Public Service Commission. The rate increase request will fall more heavily on residential customers who could see increases of nearly 5 percent beginning in January if the PSC approves the utility’s request. >>View Article

U.S. Must Pursue Clean Energy

September 2 -- We all want economic and energy security. But recklessly ramping up U.S. oil and gas production is not the answer. Yet, a controversial new extraction technology known as "fracking" -- combined with unprecedented exemptions for the industry from bedrock federal environmental and public health laws -- has fueled a recent explosion in domestic oil and gas development. And safeguards have not kept pace. >>View Article


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