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United Arab Emirates

ACORE’s main UAE partner is The Clean Energy Business Council, an Abu Dhabi-based organization representing the private sector of the clean energy industry across the MENA region. The Council works together with ACORE to support the development of the MENA renewable energy sector. Additionally, ACORE is an international partner of the International Renewable Energy Agency, which is also based out of Abu Dhabi.


ACORE was proud to work in conjunction with many governmental, corporate and non-profit entities to help organize ADIREC 2013—the Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Conference—which took place in January of this year. ADIREC was the fifth IREC, building upon previous conferences in Delhi in 2010 (DIREC), Washington in 2008 (WIREC), Beijing in 2005 (BIREC), and Bonn in 2004. The three-day ADIREC conference featured discussions among government delegations, business leaders, NGOs, and international organizations and culminated in the signing of a Declaration calling for a doubling of the world’s share of renewable energy by 2030 under the leadership of IRENA.

For more information on ACORE’s International Programs, please contact:

Risa Edelman
Senior Associate, International Programs
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(202) 777-7586