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Block Island Wind Farm Could Launch New American Energy Revolution

June 22 -- Can you think of a single technology that is used extensively abroad, yet not at all here in the United States?

This summer, Rhode Island will make history by breaking ground on America’s first offshore wind project. This first domestic installation at Block Island will stand in stark contrast to Europe’s massive, decades-old offshore wind industry that includes nearly 2,500 offshore wind turbines and supports 60,000 jobs. >>View Article

Virginia Should Lead Its Neighbors to Solar Future

June 22 -- Thanks to Internet retail giant Amazon, solar energy is building its brand and influence in Virginia. The company has announced plans to build an 80-megawatt (MW) solar facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. This solar installation will be the largest in the commonwealth. The investment brings into focus Virginia’s solar technology gap.

For decades, Virginia has been a hot spot of East Coast technological innovation. Nextel, one of the first cellphone giants, was based in Reston. Rosetta Stone, the popular language education software company, was founded in Harrisonburg. Opower, a pioneer in demand-side energy management software, is based in Arlington. >>View Article

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo Launch New Clean Energy Campaign

June 22 -- Actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio has teamed up with his Shutter Island co-star Mark Ruffalo to unveil a new campaign to make renewable energy sources more affordable for the U.S. public. The stars are co-founders of the 100% movement and they launched their new project in New York City on Thursday night (18 June 15), urging fellow eco-warriors to support their cause by putting pressure on lawmakers to do more to save the planet and boost the economy at the same time. >>View Article

Combine Solar Plant with Jobs Program for Double Benefit

June 19 -- The Tallahassee crime rate, especially the rate for violent offenses, is
embarrassing, ominous and unacceptable. Many good suggestions have been made to deal with the problem, but I must agree with Merry Ann Frisby (“Jobs are key to stopping cycle of
violence,” June 10) who said that employment is the key.

All persons in our community who are able to work should have a living-wage job. It is easy
to see that this goal will not be achieved by the private sector alone. The community,
working through its government, needs to make it happen. What can and should the city of
Tallahassee do? I have an idea. >>View Article

Green Energy Targets Drive Renewables Capacity to New High

June 19 -- Capacity to generate power from renewable sources, including solar, wind and
hydro, hit a new high in 2014, driven by a rise in the number of countries with green energy
goals, an international group of experts said on Thursday.

An 8.5 percent increase in renewable energy capacity allowed the global economy and energy
consumption to grow without a parallel increase in carbon emissions for the first time,
according to a report from green energy policy network REN21. >>View Article

California is on Track for a Major Renewable Energy Boost

June 19 -- The number of days most federal and state lawmakers have remaining in session
before summer break is winding down, sparking a flurry of activity.

In Congress, Republicans are advancing legislation that would prevent the U.S. EPA from
enforcing carbon limits on states through the Clean Power Plan (CPP). State leaders are also
preparing legislation and public comments in anticipation of the final EPA rule, which is
expected to be released sometime in August. The National Conference of State Legislatures
offers a comprehensive list of state action on the CPP.  >>View Article

Bioenergy Can Deliver Cleaner Future, Says Global Report

June 18 -- A global bioenergy assessment has said biofuels could meet up to a third of the world's transportation fuel needs by the middle of the century.

The report - involving experts from 24 nations - said bioenergy had the potential to be a key driver in delivering a low-carbon future.

It added that concerns that growth in the sector would increase food insecurities were misplaced.  >>View Article

Renewable Energy Shows Record Growth in Power Sector, but Few Gains in Heating and Transport

June 18 -- The growth of renewable energy outpaced that of fossil fuels in the electricity sector last year, with a record 135 gigawatts of capacity added from wind, solar, hydropower and other natural sources, a new study shows.

That's more than the generating capacity of all nuclear reactors in the United States and slightly less than Germany's installed capacity from all power sources.

The annual report released early Thursday in Europe by Paris-based REN21, a nonprofit group that promotes renewable energy, underscored how China, the world's top consumer of coal, has become a global leader in clean energy, too. >>View Article

In Ohio and Indiana, Mistakes Were Made

June 18 -- Last year was a contentious one for pro-clean energy state policies. The usual fossil fuel interests mounted attacks against renewables in states across the country; as usual, most of them failed. But two states – Ohio and Indiana – gave in to these anti-renewable, anti-efficiency attacks. Ohio froze its renewable energy and energy efficiency standards for two years, and Indiana ended its wildly successful “Energizing Indiana” energy efficiency program. Plenty of people criticized those decisions at the time. Now, with some hindsight, it’s clear that both states made a huge mistake.

First, let’s start with Ohio. In 2014, Ohio led the U.S. in wind turbine component manufacturers, and it was 2nd in solar equipment providers. Despite that, the state legislature decided to freeze the state’s (clearly) successful renewable energy and energy efficiency standards – even though they had reduced electricity bills in the state by 1.4% from 2008 to 2012.  >>View Article

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