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The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the renewable energy sector through market development, policy changes and financial innovation. We are the nation's leading voice on all matters regarding renewable energy policy and finance. 

Please Anna Hahnemann (; 202.777-7584) for all media inquiries, including interview and information requests for any stories dealing with:

Specific Industries:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Hydro power
  • Geothermal energy
  • Ocean energy
  • Biomass energy and biofuels
  • Waste heat to power
  • Waste energy and fuels

Specific Topics:

  • National defense & security and renewable energy
  • Power generation and renewable energy
  • Transportation and renewable energy
  • Finance and its role in renewable energy
  • The growth of renewable portfolio standards (RPS) in the United States
  • Energy market transformation
  • And more topics


Recent ACORE press releases

Recent renewable energy news stories

Logo Matters

The ACORE logo is a marketing tool, the symbol of our brand, and a valuable asset of ACORE. Use of the ACORE logo is governed by strict legal guidelines designed to safeguard ACORE's rights to this valuable mark. ACORE requires all users of its logo to strictly adhere to these guidelines. Foremost among these is the requirement to request and secure advance authorization from ACORE's Marketing Department for any such use. Requests can be made via email to and should include a sample of the intended use. You will receive a response from the team within 24-48 hours.


Two Versions of the ACORE Logo

The ACORE logo was created to promote ACORE and its member companies. The logo's eight intersecting rings represent the various member constituencies and are meant to symbolize the inherent interdependent nature of these as we work to build a successful renewable energy industry.

Currently there are two different versions of the logo: one for ACORE members to signify their membership status, and the other for ACORE general corporate branding, for use in our documentation and by our approved event partners, qualified members of the press, and others we may permit to display it.

ACORE Logo Use for Members

The member logo has been designed for use by member companies to promote their membership in ACORE. It is distinct from the ACORE Corporate logo in that it displays the word "MEMBER" beneath the logo's rings.


Download the ACORE Member Logo
Email ACORE about your intended use of our logo

Instructions specific to use of the ACORE member logo

  • The ACORE member Logo may be used in connection with the member's business (stationery, letterhead, business cards, and general business correspondence).
  • The ACORE member Logo may be used on a member website as a link to the ACORE home page ( or to identify your company as an ACORE member. It may not be used to link to other pages on your Web site or to link to any other third party web sites.
  • Only ACORE members in good standing may use the ACORE member logo. Permission to use this logo will expire upon the lapse or termination of an organization's membership.

ACORE Logo Use for General and Corporate Purposes

The Corporate logo is the one you see on every ACORE brochure, event prospectus, website an conference signage. It is the logo we use for promoting the brand and tells what our initials stand for: American Council On Renewable Energy.


Download the ACORE Corporate Logo
Email ACORE about your intended use of our logo

Instructions specific to the use the ACORE corporate logo

Please read carefully:

  • The ACORE corporate logo may be used in connection with items directly related to ACORE, its events, and its programs. This includes usage of the logo for events that ACORE is sponsoring, or those in which we are a partner or supporting organization.
  • The ACORE corporate logo may be used as a link to the ACORE home page ( or to a special event-related website, as designated by the Marketing Department. It may not be used to link to other pages on your website or to link to any other third party websites.

General instructions and restrictions applying to use of both ACORE member and corporate logos

  • The ACORE logo may not be reduced more than 20% of original size (.42 in. print diameter or digital equivalent) and may not be enlarged more than 380% of original size (8 in. print diameter or digital equivalent).
  • The entire ACORE logo and words must be used and may not be altered in any way other than sizing described above. When used on a website it may not be animated, morphed or in any other way distorted in its appearance.
  • The ACORE logo may be printed or appear in color or in gray scale, following the use of bold and shading that is part of the original design.
  • The ACORE logo may not be used to indicate any kind of endorsement by ACORE of any product or service, to indicate that any official status for any product or service has been conferred by or is otherwise associated with ACORE, or to show any kind of relationship with ACORE aside from those permitted above.
  • The ACORE logo may NOT be used on official documents to include any sales contracts or official disclosure documents provided to potential or actual clients or purchasers of member company's services or products.
  • The ACORE logo may not be used on any web site that is in violation of any applicable laws or governmental regulations.
  • The ACORE logo may not be used in connection with any disparaging statements about ACORE or its products, or statements that otherwise reflect poorly on ACORE.
  • ACORE reserves the right to approve or disapprove the use the ACORE logo.
  • Any unauthorized or improper use of the ACORE logo will result in formal notification of a violation of these usage guidelines and may result in legal action, including termination of membership.

Questions? For all questions on logo usage please contact: Tracy Aliaga, Corporate Relations Associate, American Council On Renewable Energy (

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The American Council On Renewable Energy

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