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Was Renowned Renewable Energy Thought Leader, International Champion of Renewable Energy, and 'Father of the Feed-In Tarrif'

October 15, 2010 -It is with great sadness that the American Council of Renewable Energy learned of the passing of Dr. Hermann Scheer, the co-founder of ACORE, a current ACORE Advisory Board Member and international thought leader and champion of renewable energy.

"Hermann Scheer was the George Washington of the renewable energy movement," said ACORE President, Michael Eckhart. "He was the parental founder of ACORE. In June 2001, when he founded the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), he asked me to chair it for the U.S. ACORE was started as the U.S. arm of WCRE in 2001."

Scheer and Eckhart also co-created the idea of the world meetings on renewable energy, leading to the Bonn Renewables 2004 conference, then Beijing 2005, and WIREC 2008. It two weeks, the next in line of the world renewable energy conferences, DIREC 2010 , will be held in New Delhi, India.

World Leader for Renewable Energy

Among his many accomplishments, Hermann Scheer was the founder of Eurosolar, the Bonn-based NGO that led so much of the popular promotion of renewable energy in Europe, managed by Irm Pontenagel. He was the co-collaborator of the European renewable energy directives since the early 1990s, the co-originator of the Feed-In Tariff policy regime in Germany, working with fellow Bundestag member Hans Josef Fell. His policy framework has resulted in the installation of over 60% of all wind farms, and over 70% of all solar PV installed in the world.

He was also the creator of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA, which was formed in 2009. Scheer was named as one of Time magazine's five "heroes for the green century" in 2002, and won the Alternative Nobel Prize in 1999 for his commitment to renewable energy. He was included on the Guardian newspaper's 2008 list of "50 people who could save the planet," and was the author of numerous publications, including: "The Solar Strategy," "A Solar Manifesto," and "The Solar Economy."

Scheer Developed Intellectual Foundation of ACORE

Many of Hermann Scheer's ideas were imbued in the foundation of the American Council On Renewable Energy. "We have been acting as disciples of Hermann Scheer and have sought to develop a following here in the U.S. for him as a leader, and for his ideas which are the basis for much of ACORE's principles today," said Eckhart. "This included ring-fencing renewable energy as a class, calling for massive scale-up, designing public policy to motivate the flow of private sector capital not government funding, and defending the view that we can run all of society on renewable energy if we set our minds and wills to the task."

"He was a man of great humor, great character, and great vision. No one worked harder for his mission. He would work all day, and then write all night. Hermann Scheer was an inspiration, and we knew that we were present with a great and rare human being when we were with him," continued Eckhart. "We will miss him very much. We pledge to carry on with his mission, and pursue his vision through the work ACORE does on behalf of renewable energy."

"Hermann was an extraordinary man who we will honor in a compelling way in ACORE's ongoing work to advance renewable energy in the U.S. and globally," added Dan Reicher, ACORE Co-Chairman, and Director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives at Google, Inc.

"Over a period of many years, Hermann successfully nurtured initiatives like the feed-in tariff and the creation of an International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)," said John Geesman, ACORE Co-Chariman and Former Commissioner California Energy Commission. "The impact of his work will grow exponentially in the decades ahead."

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