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For Immediate Release - June 25, 2013

Washington, DC  – The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) applauds the Obama Administration's plan to address the growing threat of climate change. Today, the President made a public speech at Georgetown University announcing the Administration's intentions to cut domestic carbon pollution by deploying more renewable energy, adopting more energy efficiency measures, and building a 21st century transportation sector that functions on cleaner fuels than petroleum-based fuels, among other policy proposals.

"Under this plan, America has a tremendous opportunity to build a more secure and prosperous America with clean, renewable energy. The renewables industry has grown significantly in the past decade and as America finds more ways to allow private investment to fuel this industry, more jobs will be created, more carbon emissions will be reduced, and our country will be strengthened," explained Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (US Navy, retired), ACORE President and CEO.  

The Obama Administration plans to promote American leadership in advanced renewable energy by calling for the doubling of renewable electricity generation by 2020. In order to do this, the Administration is calling for improvements in clean energy permitting, upgrading the electric grid, and most importantly, finding ways to unlock more long-term private investment in the industry, all actions which ACORE fully supports. Policy and finance certainty for the renewables industry in the form of long-term extensions of renewable energy tax credits would spur tremendous and sustained growth in the industry.  

The Administration's plan is extremely comprehensive in its approach to strengthening the American economy by addressing climate change. "This plan hits on many measures our country can adopt such as advancing clean energy manufacturing and creating a transportation system for a 21st century America," said Vice Admiral McGinn. "This issue should not be a political one. We need to address climate change, and renewable energy is the winning solution to do so."


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