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For Immediate Release - July 25, 2013

Washington, DC - Recently, the Board of Directors of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) unanimously adopted a new strategic plan for the organization that ensures the organization will continue to lead the way to America’s clean energy future. The strategic plan places ACORE in the context of current opportunities and challenges for renewable energy and focuses ACORE’s strategies and programs to succeed in the face of today’s realities. The overarching strategic objective of the plan is to identify the key issues affecting our industry’s growth over the next decade, and expand ACORE’s ability to effectively present the compelling value proposition of clean renewable energy on behalf of its members and partners.



“Going forward, ACORE will more aggressively engage in the public policy and private sector processes to promote the further expansion of market for renewable energy, while defending the significant industry accomplishments of the previous decade,” said Dan Adler, ACORE Board Co-Chair and Managing Partner, CalCEF. “It’s significant that the entire Board is united in approving ACORE’s way forward into its second decade. Our industry has made great progress since ACORE’s founding in 2001—but impediments to the scale-up of renewables remain. We want to enable the full economic, energy and environmental security benefits of renewable energy to flow to the nation.”

The plan lays out four principal areas where ACORE will focus its initiatives: promoting energy literacy; improving access to capital; encouraging longer-range policy certainty; and advancing financial and policy analysis, including fully accounted costs and benefits.

“ACORE has never been in a better position, with effective initiatives and programs, a talented, dedicated staff, and the clear direction and participation of the Board,” said Dan Reicher, ACORE Board Co-chair and Executive Director of the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University. “The unanimous endorsement of the plan ensures that ACORE will continue to provide thought leadership and its highly-effective educational programs for a broad range of interests in the renewable energy community. We convene issue-focused forums and create energy industry partnerships to communicate and advocate for the economic, security and environmental benefits of renewable energy. Our critical mission continues.”

ACORE’s President Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn was nominated by President Obama on July 16 to serve as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations, and Environment, within the Department of Defense. The Senate confirmation process is underway, as is the ACORE Board’s search for the next ACORE President. “We felt that President Obama’s nomination of Vice Admiral McGinn was an honor not just to him, but to ACORE, as well,” said Adler. “As Admiral McGinn continues to lead ACORE throughout the summer, the Board is actively searching for an individual with the credentials and knowledge to represent the renewable energy industry and to achieve the essential consensus that leads to progress for the industry.”

About ACORE: ACORE, a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization, is dedicated to building a secure and prosperous America with clean, renewable energy. ACORE seeks to advance renewable energy through finance, policy, technology, and market development and is concentrating its member focus in 2013 on National Defense & Security, Power Generation & Infrastructure, and Transportation. Additional information is available at


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