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How Renewable Energy Will Completely Power California -- Get On Board or Get Left Behind

July 30 -- The world hasn't had a lot of good news lately, but a group of researchers at Stanford just gave us some that should get the attention of the public, policy-makers, and investors looking to get in before the competition.

The study shows that California, the world's eighth largest economy, can be powered completely by renewable energy.

Not only is this clearly possible, there will also be massive public benefit. >>View Article


July 30 -- Those interested in the future of utility-scale solar development in the U.S. will be keeping eyes and ears on a series of public hearings this week. The Environmental Protection Agency is holding four sessions on its proposed regulations for cutting carbon emissions at power plants, with three set for July 29-30 in Atlanta, Denver and Washington, D.C., and the fourth, July 31-Aug. 1 in Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, the California Energy Commission will also be holding three-days of public hearings July 29-31, with the outcome possibly determining the fate of the 500-megawatt (MW) Palen solar project and, with it, the future of concentrated solar-tower plants in the U.S. >>View Article

Markell promotes clean power plan

July 30 -- WASHINGTON – Gov. Jack Markell said Tuesday success in Delaware helps prove that the Obama administration's plan to cut carbon emissions will promote health, research, jobs and cheaper energy across the nation.

"Over the past five years, we've shifted from one of the dirtiest energy mixes in the nation to one of the cleanest," Markell, a Democrat, said during an Environmental Protection Agency hearing on the agency's emission-reduction plan. "We have decreased emissions by a greater percentage than any other state while creating jobs at the same time. And we have done so with the same approach that the president proposes for the country." >>View Article

The Rise of Electric Cars in the US, in 6 Charts

July 29 -- It's still only a tiny fraction of Americans who actually own electric cars. But that number is growing fast.

So far this year, roughly 54,973 plug-in electric and battery-electric vehicles have been sold in the United States. >>View Article

In Ohio, Clean Energy is a Sound Investment

July 29 -- Renewable energy policies help businesses and investors save money, create jobs, and reduce carbon pollution. The recent move by Ohio politicians to freeze the state’s renewable-energy and energy-efficiency standards shows they are not thinking ahead. We need to support policies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new Clean Power Plan, which helps us invest in a clean-energy future and cut pollution. >>View Article

Energy Efficiency Cuts Carbon Pollution and Consumers' Costs

July 29 -- The Florida Energy Office, led by Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, weighed in on conservation goals for big utilities at the Florida Public Service Commission. Utilities are regulated by the PSC, which takes its marching orders from state leaders. >>View Article

Green Energy Access for All

July 29 -- The word "equitable" is not one we often use when discussing our nation's energy policies, but it needs to be if communities of color plan to have a meaningful role in the energy revolution happening in America. >>View Article

Report shows 1 in 3 Texans chooses renewable energy options

July 28 -- A Texas Empowerment report released by Choose Energy shows that about one in three Texans choose renewably sourced energy options.

That’s 100 percent more than any other state, Levente McCrary, spokeswoman for Choose Energy, said in an email.

“While Texans may have bigger grids and bills when it comes to energy, they also have a lot of choice in green energy plans — which may be partly why they gravitate to green energy plans more often than any other state,” she said. >>View Article

Steven J. Levy: R.I. sets example for feds on biodesel

July 28 -- Beginning this month, Rhode Island officially launched a new policy for heating oil in the state to contain at least 2 percent biodiesel. As stated by Sen. Susan Sosnowski (D-South Kingstown), the state’s requirement is a recognition of the national security, environmental and economic benefits that come from expanding the use of a domestically produced, cleaner-burning, renewable energy source. >>View Article

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