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Wind energy helps Texas rancher cope with costs

June 6 -- In today’s economy, it's important to get the most out of your land.One Texas rancher is making every acre count. Just how is he doing this? Well, let’s just say that things are up in the air. >>View Article

Brazil Considers Sun the New Wind as It Banks on Solar for Power

June 6 -- Brazil is banking that a drop in prices and interest from foreign companies will boost the amount of energy it’s able to generate from the sun, the nation’s deputy energy minister said.The country will hold an auction tender on Oct. 10 focusing on solar, wind and biomass energy. It will be the first national energy auction with a specific category for solar. >>View Article

Clean Energy Advances, Policy Retreats

June 5 -- Exciting things have been happening in the field of renewable energy generation. Photovoltaic solar cells have become so cheap that most of the cost of setting up P.V. arrays is now devoted to labor and the structure that supports the cells. And engineers have determined the optimal length for the blades of wind turbines so that their generating capacity is becoming competitive with cheap, coal-powered generation. >>View Article

Jim Probst: An Idea We Can Live With

June 5 -- I write in support of an idea that I believe to be essential if we are going to find a way to combat the changes that are happening with our planet.

First, I want to acknowledge that there are probably a number of readers that don’t believe in human caused climate change and therefore don’t think that we need to look for ways to solve it. >>View Article

Scientists Solve Solar Energy's Burning Question: How to Make it Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

June 5 -- In a fight between solar and fossil fuels, the latter has always had a killer question up its sleeve: "What about supercritical steam?" That's the method by which the most advanced power stations generate electricity, superheating water until it instantly becomes steam, a feat that's only possible (and affordable) by burning coal or gas. Or, at least it was. Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization has managed to use solar energy to the same effect, boiling liquid to temperatures of 570 degrees Celsius in a test chamber. >>View Article

How expensive is wind energy? The answer will SHOCK you.

June 4 -- It’s time to set the record straight. Wind energy is cheap. Really, really cheap.For new wind farms installed last year in the Plains, prices reached $21 per megawatt hour (MWh). That’s effectively two cents per kilowatt hour ($0.021/kWh). >>View Article

'All of the above' is not an energy plan with a goal

June 4 -- Wednesday’s contributors' blog by Charles McConnell in The Hill was titled “Energy solution must be an 'all of the above' strategy.”  McConnell states in his first sentence, “The two cornerstones of our global society that are fundamental to our lives today and for our future are 1) the affordability and security of our energy and 2) environmental responsibility.” >>View Article

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