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Energy Efficiency Better Path to Savings Than Competition, Watchdog Says

March 3 -- Energy efficiency programs have surpassed electric competition as the best way for consumers to save money, according to the Citizens Utility Board.

The board, created by the Illinois legislature to represent the interests of residential and small-business customers, said Monday that "even the easiest of efficiency programs" — namely its — has a potential to save Illinois consumers a total of $150 million a year. >>View Article

Solar Electricity Is Competitive Globally: Deutsche

March 3 -- Roughly 30 countries have reached “solar grid parity,” according to Deutsche Bank in a bullish report issued on February 27.

We all know solar energy is clean but the question on investors’ mind is: Can the solar industry survive on its own without government subsidies? >>View Article

Solar Energy's Unexpected Conservative Backers

March 3 -- When it comes to renewable energy, Barry Goldwater Jr. is willing to admit that the Democrats did something the Republicans should have done a long time ago.

"Conservative support for green energy has always been there, but the Democrats capitalized on it more than the Republicans," the former Republican congressman and Arizona legend told CNBC. "The Democrats did a better job of promoting it." >>View Article

Democrats Fend Off GOP Renewable Energy Bill

March 3 -- A Republican effort to reduce renewable energy mandates on Colorado utilities failed its first test before a Democratic panel Monday.

The rejection of the renewable-energy reduction continued a string of misses for the GOP, which has tried to use its bigger piece of the Legislature to roll back laws passed in recent years. The Senate is in Republican hands for the first time in a decade, and the renewable-energy rollback passed in that chamber last month. >>View Article

Green Investments Are Good Ones

March 2 -- Citigroup Inc. is responding to the very real market demand for renewable energy and the associated financing need. Many of the world’s largest companies—and an ever-increasing number of homeowners—are already saving millions by investing in clean energy. We expect this trend to continue. The International Energy Agency estimates that to combat the effects of climate change, $500 billion in investments in low-carbon energy technologies is needed each year until 2020, with that number doubling by 2030. >>View Article

Solar Arrays Are Popping Up Everywhere

March 2 -- Solar panels are super cheap, with prices down more than 75 percent in five years. Just $0.70 a watt! That’s great news, even if few people can explain what a watt feels like exactly.

And the future is growing even brighter, according to a report released by the independent German research group Agora Energiewende. The analysts report that leading global projections of world energy use may be missing the big picture: “Most scenarios fundamentally underestimate the role of solar power in future energy systems,” the report states. >>View Article

Electric Vehicles Poised to Play an Important Role in Georgia's Future

March 2 -- You may have heard that electric car owners have become a key focus of the proposed transportation plan to fix Georgia’s road and bridge infrastructure issues. The omnibus transportation bill includes measures to not only charge each driver a $200-per-year fee, but the legislation would eliminate the state’s generous $5,000 state tax credit that has made Georgia the No. 2 market for electric cars in the entire country. Where else is Georgia ranked No. 2? >>View Article

Md. Needs More Clean Energy

March 2 -- Maryland currently ranks fifth in the nation for worst air quality and produces over 60 percent of its energy from dirty sources like coal and natural gas. Immediately after his inauguration, Gov. Larry Hogan rolled back coal regulations that would have greatly improved air quality conditions in the state. >>View Article

The Good News on Ethanol: U.S. a 'Biofuels Superpower'

March 2 -- Every day nearly a thousand railroad cars roll across the country carrying part of the soaring U.S. energy production that has shaken the global oil cartel and sent gasoline prices plummeting. The cargo is ethanol made from home-grown corn. >>View Article

SolarCity and Google Partner on $750 Million Solar Fund, Largest of its Kind

February 26 -- SolarCity and Google liked their partnership that funded residential solar installations so much they're doing it again -- only bigger.

The two Silicon Valley companies are teaming up on a fund expected to finance $750 million in residential solar projects across 14 states -- including California -- and the District of Columbia, which the companies say would be the largest nest egg of its kind. Google will put in $300 million, which the search giant said was its largest renewable-energy investment yet, topping the $280 million invested in a similar SolarCity fund in 2011. >>View Article

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