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Natural Gas Won't Save Us From Global Warming, Study Confirms

The reality is that shale gas probably won't have much effect on climate change either way, according to a new study published Wednesday. "If you increase the use of gas, that will actually delay the deployment of renewable energy," said Christine Shearer of the University of California, Irvine, one of the authors of the study. >>View Article 

Swiss Pilots to Fly Solar Plane Around World

Now they are back with a more ambitious plan, to be announced on Thursday, to fly an even more advanced solar airplane around the world early next year, beginning and ending in oil-rich Abu Dhabi. >>View Article 

Energy Efficiency - Bigger Than Shale

The United States is experiencing the largest and most sustained drop in oil demand since the start of the petroleum era in 1859 thanks to improvements in efficiency and the switch to alternative fuels. >>View Article 

Companies Are Taking the Baton in Climate Change Efforts

With political efforts to slow global warming moving at a tortuous pace, some of the world’s largest companies are stepping into the void, pledging more support for renewable energy, greener supply chains and fresh efforts to stop the destruction of the world’s tropical forests. >>View Article 

EDITORIAL: Renewable Energy, No Politics

The quest for renewable sources of energy isn’t a liberal-vs.-conservative exercise, any more than the quest for energy independence sparked by the 1970s oil embargo was a left-vs.-right issue. Renewable energy sources — the kind that keep producing electricity and don’t run dry or run out — are good things to have. This should not be about politics. >>View Article 

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