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Renewables Can Light the Way in U.P., State

There's a serious energy crisis brewing in the Upper Peninsula. We're enduring the nation's second-highest electricity rates, paying almost double what other Michiganians pay, and facing further sharp increases due to legislative, regulatory and market breakdowns. Many families and businesses will be hurt. >>View Article 

LCOE of Utility-Scale Solar Power Getting Really Competitive

Of course, CleanTechnica readers know that we’ve seen some extremely low solar power prices in New Mexico, Texas, and Minnesota, already beating low-priced natural gas. But seeing a report showing the LCOE of utility-scale solar power beating natural gas, coal, and nuclear power is still something. >>View Article 

Peter Rothstein: R.I.'s Next Governor Should Back Clean Energy

With campaign season in full swing and the election less than two weeks away, one topic that is a clear priority for both candidates for Rhode Island’s next governor is job growth and workforce development. As the next governor looks toward emerging sectors that can be further cultivated, he or she needs to look no further than Rhode Island’s growing clean-energy industry, which is already responsible for thousands of new jobs in the Ocean State. >>View Article 

Net Metering is a Way to Move Colorado Toward Climate Justice

Communities of color have disproportionately borne the weight of environmental injustice -- and it is no different with our electricity production system where the health and economic impacts of the processes are a particularly heavy load. Nearly 70 percent of all African-Americans live within 30 miles of coal-fired power plants like Denver's Cherokee Station, making African-Americans more likely to suffer from exposure to smog, mercury, and other harmful emissions than any other group. >>View Article 

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