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Editorial: (Solar) Power to the People

May 26 -- The Legislature did it again. Or rather, the Legislature did nothing -- again.

Given the opportunity in this year's session to address an important and popular demand -- in this case, greater access to solar energy -- the Legislature in essence looked the other way. >>View Article

Gulfstream Signs Renewable Fuel Contract

May 21 -- Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and its fuel supplier, World Fuel Services Inc., have finalized a three-year agreement that provides Gulfstream with a consistent supply of renewable fuels for its daily flight operations in Savannah. >>View Article

Shift to Clean Energy Helps Florida's Low-Income Citizens

May 21 -- If business as usual continues, climate change will destroy the lives of millions of Floridians as sea levels rise and put coastal cities like Miami under water. And while some of our leaders prefer to stick their heads in the sand, a growing number of Floridians know that we must address climate change for the sake of our children, our economy and, importantly, our most vulnerable. >>View Article

Solar Panels to Make Up Half of Campus Electricity Supply by 2017

May 21 -- Stanford is partnering with SunPower to make the campus energy supply greener by installing new rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems, or solar panels, and building an off-campus solar energy plant. The project is a part of the Stanford Energy Systems Innovations (SESI) project, an effort to reduce the university’s greenhouse gas emissions. >>View Article

Wind Power Is Poised to Spread to All States

May 20 -- All 50 states could become wind energy producers, according to an Energy Department report released Tuesday, once the next generation of larger, taller turbines in development hits the market. >>View Article

Report Outlines Why Your Electric Bill is Increasing

May 20 -- State mandates requiring electric utilities to draw a portion of their energy from renewable resources are not the primary reason electric bills have grown since 2001, according to a new report from the N.C. Sustainable Energy Association. >>View Article

Oklahoma Legislators, Wind Industry Reach Compromise on Tax Breaks

May 20 -- The Oklahoma Senate unanimously approved SB 498, terminating the 5-year property tax exemption for wind developers, and SB 502, ending wind developers’ investment/new jobs tax credit. Both end as of January 1, 2017, but wind projects currently in production or put into production by December 31, 2016, will retain the full 5-year property tax exemption. >>View Article

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