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Anti-Wind Power Groups Full of Hot Air

December 14 -- The wind industry’s growth is an American success story, and should be celebrated.

Unfortunately, fossil fuel-funded special interest groups like Americans for Prosperity are working to mislead the public and elected officials regarding the wind industry. In a recent column in The Hill, Americans for Prosperity claimed the wind industry is relying on backroom deals and that the Production Tax Credit (PTC) has provided little in return on investment for taxpayers.

The wind PTC and solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) have fueled a new American energy industry, with which AFP’s fossil fuel beneficiaries do not want to compete. Instead, the fossil fuel industry funds front groups to push their political goals – groups like AFP, which we have documented extensively in our report “Attacks on Renewable Energy Policies.” >>View Article 

The Paris Deal Could Mean The Redemption Of Big Business

December 14 -- It could be a tale of redemption.

The historic climate deal announced in Paris on Saturday provides big businesses -- long the villains when it comes to any environmental progress -- with the economic incentive to transform their operations to be completely powered by clean, renewable energy. The 31-page treaty calls for ambitious pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, commitments that are slated to be reevaluated and strengthened in five years. That means the transition to an economy powered by solar, wind and other renewable energy sources can’t happen gradually. 

It needs to happen fast. And it’s going to be expensive.>>View Article 

IKEA to Buy 1-2 Wind Farms to Boost Renewable Energy Output

December 11 -- IKEA Group, the world's biggest furniture retailer, will buy at least one or two wind farms in its current fiscal year as it aims to reach by 2020 a target to produce, from renewable sources, as much electricity as it consumes.

IKEA's sustainability chief Steve Howard said on Thursday he was hopeful the budget furniture firm would before 2020 already produce as much renewable energy as consumed by its stores, distribution centres and own factories.

"We will definitely buy one or two wind farms this year, more if the opportunity arises," he said in an interview. >>View Article 

Opinion: Sen. Kirk Was Right to Stand Up for Clean Power Plan

December 11 -- Recently, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., voted against dismantling America’s Clean Power Plan. This vote is in line with the continuous support he’s also shown in protecting the Great Lakes. As a constituent of the senator, a resident of Illinois and a mother of young children, I want to thank him for his support on issues that have such a direct impact on our air quality and children’s health. >>View Article 

My Turn: A Clean-Energy Future is Within Our Reach

December 11 -- I agree that the climate talks under way in Paris are critical to our national security. Reliance on local, renewable energy sources means a more secure nation and a more stable world. Clean energy also represents the biggest business and job creation opportunity we’ve seen in a hundred years.

This is why I’m the first candidate – and I hope not the last – to put forward a plan to power our country with 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2050, while ending our reliance on fossil fuels. >>View Article 

Tom Werner: Why Business Isn't Waiting for COP21 Outcomes

December 11 -- Winston Churchill once said, "however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."

As the world's leaders meet in Paris for the COP21 conference, it's clear that a practical and sustainable climate change agreement is within reach. However, with negotiators working to establish international commitments that are achievable, the focus is seemingly on the "who" and "why" at the expense of the "how." I think this misses a significant opportunity, especially given the active participation of global business leaders. >>View Article 

Time for Leaders To Lead on Climate

December 11 -- The shift to a clean energy economy is inevitable -- it's no longer a matter of if, but when.

Elected officials can accelerate this transition or they can impede it. We can address climate change while we still have a chance to contain it, or we can wait until the costs will be far higher and the consequences more dire.

Last week, more than 150 world leaders came to Paris to forge a global climate agreement, the largest gathering of its kind in history. All of them urged the world to take action -- and none of them denied the reality of how our world is changing. >>View Article 

Md. Lawmakers to Propose Boosting State Levels of Renewable Energy Use

December 11 -- Maryland Democratic lawmakers plan to introduce legislation next year to increase the state’s use of renewable energy and boost both training for and development of clean-energy jobs, with a particular focus on helping women and minorities.

State Senate Majority Leader Catherine E. Pugh (D-Baltimore) and Del. Dereck E. Davis (D-Prince George’s), who plan to co-sponsor the forthcoming bill, said the
renewable-energy program would be the largest of its kind in state history, with $40 million allocated for worker training and business development.

They announced the proposal at a news conference in Annapolis, as world leaders continued to meet at a global climate-change summit in Paris. >>View Article 

Why It’s Time for Congress to Stand With Solar

December 11 -- As world leaders converge on Paris to discuss climate change, there is a negotiation occurring in Washington, D.C., that may have a more tangible and immediate impact. In the next two weeks, Congress will decide whether or not to continue to support the solar industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. At risk are more than 100,000 jobs, and inaction will slow one of the most promising economic revolutions this country has seen in the last half century.

With a tax extenders package on the horizon before year-end, Congress has the opportunity to keep solar on its growth trajectory through the extension of the investment tax credit (ITC), or wipe out the last decade of growth for an American success story. >>View Article 

There’s a ‘Sea Change’ of Opinion on Climate Change: EPA

December 11 -- Concerns on whether proposed air pollution regulations in the U.S. are 'fatally flawed' have been dismissed by the organization who backs them.

"We are alive and well, and there is no fatal flaw," Gina McCarthy, administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), told CNBC Tuesday.

"The Clean Air Act has been very good for 45 years in driving down 70 percent of the pollution we've emitted, while we've tripled our GDP (gross domestic product). It's because we do it right, we have the information, we show the cost benefits, we prove that you can keep improving the environment while you grow the economy." >>View Article 

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