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PosiGen is much more than an energy enterprise. They are on a mission to help families take control of their energy costs and take back their financial freedom. They help the people we serve save money and make a positive impact on the planet that everyone calls home.

Our passion is to help families who need the most help.

Before they came along, solar panels were only available to the wealthy.  They noticed that the people who needed to save money the most couldn’t afford them.  They changed all of that by creating a brand new financial model and it worked! Now anyone who owns a home can have solar power, with no money down, no credit check and for just $60 a month.

PosiGen knew that having solar power would save people money, but they didn’t stop there.  They proudly became the first and only solar energy company to provide both solar power and energy efficiency measures. Their customers are not only generating power that comes freely from the sun, they are also living in homes that are more comfortable, secure and energy efficient.  By putting in $500 of energy efficiency improvements, they are able to help their customers save even more year after year.

Today, they are providing solar electricity, solar hot water, energy efficiency and education to customers who face significant financial challenges in their lives. You might think that they are in the Solar Power business, but in reality they are in the business of changing lives.