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U.S. Military and Renewable Energy Industry Forum Materials

Developed with Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) for the U.S. Military and Renewable Energy Industry Forum Series, these materials intend to educate the private sector about the Department of Defense's growing reliance on renewable energy for mission success.


Powering America's Defense Today and Tomorrow

An infographic providing data that illustrates the military's growing reliance on energy for warfighting, the heavy human and monetary costs to the military of the current energy system, and some advanced energy solutions to these problems.


DoD Renewable Energy Primer

A primer for advanced energy companies outlining DoD's strategic shift towards renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and providing a brief introduction to the process of becoming engaged in military procurements related to energy.


Company Case Studies

Case studies on successful advanced energy collaborations between the military and industry:
Lockheed Martin
for the development of portable microgrid systems to efficiently manage power systems at temporary and permanent bases and integrate more renewable energy.
Ocean Power Technologies
for developing, in collaboration with the U.S. Navy, wave-power technology that can provide power to the grid; remote, ocean-based sensing equipment; and other "power at sea" applications.
for developing the first large-scale solar photovoltaic installation for a military base that will be financed through a 20-year power-purchase agreement.

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