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US-China Market Review

The US-China Market Review regularly examines the most significant developments in renewable energy markets, finance, and policy in the U.S. and China. The Review is a product of ACORE's US-China Program (USCP) and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), with expert contributions from ACORE members.

US-China Market Review: 2012 Year End Edition
  • Leveraging China's demand into opportunities to finance, develop and commercialize renewable energy
  • Latest U.S. renewable energy finance and market trends
  • Strategic developments in Chinese solar and wind power policies
  • Domestic preference requirements for PV under U.S. DoD contracts
  • Balancing the intermittency of wind energy with natural gas in the U.S.
  • Chinese solar PV and wind energy market trends in 2012

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Complimentary Executive Summary

Summer 2012 US-China Market Review
  • Information disclosure requirements for U.S. Federal government approval of investments by Chinese SOEs
  • Qualified energy conservation bonds and clean energy finance
  • Chinese panel manufacturer competitiveness in the U.S. Market
  • The policy roadmap for electric vehicles in China
  • Securitization of solar assets in China
  • NCGC $1.6b Zhangbei Renewables Demonstration Project
ACORE Members: Free (**Must be signed in to access**)
Public: $35/$50 (government/for-profit rates)
Complimentary Executive Summary
Spring 2012 US-China Market Review
  • Anti-Dumping Case Against Chinese Solar Manufacturers
  • Opportunities for Financing Renewable Energy Projects
  • Chinese OEM Activities in the North American Wind Market
  • Renewable Energy and China's Five Year Plans
  • China's Renewable Energy Financing Bottleneck
  • Market Opportunity for Thin Film PV in China
Fall 2011 US-China Quarterly Market Review
  • Investment Opportunities for Chinese Companies in the U.S. Market
  • Asian OEM Market Entrants and U.S. Finance
  • Information Technology as a Key Enabler of Renewable Energy
  • China's Recently Enacted Solar Feed-in Tariff
  • Signs of Maturation in China's Wind Power Industry
  • Opportunities in the Biofuels and Solar PV Supply Chains
Summer 2011 US-China Quarterly Market Review
  • Chinese Foreign Investment Policy-Making
  • U.S. Electric Transmission Policy
  • China's Nuclear and Renewable Energy Activity Post-Fukushima
  • VC/PE Cleantech Fund Structures for China Investments
  • Solar Leasing Options for U.S. Residential Market
  • Recent Trends in U.S. Renewable Energy Finance
  • Major Developments in US-China Collaboration
Spring 2011 US-China Quarterly Market Review
  • China's 12th Five-Year Plan
  • Foreign Investment in the U.S. Renewable Energy Sector
  • China's Solar Market Development and Grid Capacity
  • Siting & Permitting Challenges in the U.S.
  • Private Equity in China's Renewable Energy Sector
  • The Emerging Electric Storage Market in the U.S.
  • Major Developments in US-China Collaboration
Winter 2011 US-China Quarterly Market Review
  • Amendments to China's Renewable Energy Law
  • Impact of the 2010 U.S. Elections
  • China's Wind Market Development
  • Texas Wind Market
  • Trends in U.S. Project Finance
  • Foreign Investment Policy in China
Fall 2010 US-China Quarterly Market Review
The inaugural Fall 2010 Review provides an overview of the U.S. and Chinese renewable energy markets, with a specific look at developments in H1 and Q3 2010.
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